Mini Pot Pies

I think I have mentioned before how much I LOVE the “Tasty” app on my phone.  I am embarrassed to admit how much time I spend on it – looking at recipes, watching the videos.  BUT…their recipes almost ALWAYS work out and for the most part our whole family likes what I make from them.


Mini Pot Pies from Tasty.

Last night I tried this recipe:  Mini Pot Pies with great success.  The recipe was easy to make (except for the lattice work on top – it was very fiddly and I gave up after two) and everyone liked it.  This is only one plate of three and there are no leftovers!  I enjoyed both working with and eating (!) the puff pastry that is used for the crust.  This is definitely a repeat recipe!

3 thoughts on “Mini Pot Pies

  1. Those mini pot pies look great! I’m glad you talked about liking the tasty app as I have been wondering about it. Amazingly I’ve gotten some really good recipes off of those Facebook recipe videos that pop up🤣

  2. I totally love Tasty as well! they have great recipes and the reviews are great to make sure you’re going to get good results

  3. Yep, I’m thinking we need that at our house, too. I wouldn’t do lattice, either, for that size. I do have a large-muffin tin and might make the bigger size and put crust over the top, though. Yum, just thinking about it makes me happy. =)

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