Yummy Dinner

School is back in session and I am done teaching summer camps – fall classes won’t start until next week.  I am feeling more creative in the kitchen and trying out some new things.

This recipe is from Tasty (yes, AGAIN!) and it turned out really well.


Paleo Cauliflower Rice

I made Paleo Cauliflower Rice from All Recipes and it was super simple!  Everyone really liked it and had seconds.

This yummy bread is from Trkingmomoe’s blog.  I just went there to grab the link for you and can’t believe how many more recipes she has up since this one.  They  look great – I want to try them all!  Anyway back to this bread, it was really quick and easy to make and quite yummy.  I toasted a slice this morning with butter and it was a great addition to my breakfast.

This was also a new recipe for us.  We had bananas that were past their prime but I didn’t feel like making banana bread – I had just made the Peanut Butter bread – so I searched on All Recipes and found this one.  They turned out pretty good and are surprisingly soft.  We’ll be making these again!

On the first days of school, I always like to make something special for the kids.  Here, high school and middle school start on consecutive days.  I made those fancy waffles the first day and raspberry, white chocolate scones for the second day.  It really doesn’t seem to matter how many of either that I make, there are never any left for snacks later in the day!

2 thoughts on “Yummy Dinner

  1. Ooo a reason to look forward to the first day of school- yummy breakfast!

  2. All of those look good!

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