Slow Stitch Sundays

Yo-yo’s – That’s what I have been stitching!img_4220

They are such cute little things!  A student of mine decided to at yo-yo’s to her little zippered bag that she had made.  They were so cute that later in the evening, I started making them.  I’m not sure what I will use them for, but I love them!

Kathy is asking us to show where we like to stitch.  I like to stitch on our front patio.

Depending on where the sun is, I usually stitch sitting in one of these two places.  This picture was taken in the early morning before the sun was fully up.  I sometimes come out here before anyone else is awake and drink my coffee while stitching – a perfect way to wake up!

I’m linking up with Kathy for Slow Stitch Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Slow Stitch Sundays

  1. Oh how beautiful! A perfect place to start the stitching day! Enjoy your yoyos!

  2. I so enjoy making yo-yos as well! They are fun and so very cute! Happy yo-yo making!

  3. The yo-yos are super cute!

  4. I love a yoyo! Fabulous place to stitch in.

  5. Oh such small yo-yo’s. I LOVE them 🙂

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