In my studio yesterday

Yesterday was spent in the studio working on samples for my students.  One of my students wants to make a tiered, ruffled skirt – she is 9 years old so it had to be somewhat simple. img_4465

I chose these fabrics and decided to make a miniature skirt for a doll that could easily, with a bit of math, be made for any size.img_4466

Here it is.  I realized just now looking at the photo that it appears a bit lopsided.  It isn’t.  I hope the student likes it.  She can decide to make the ruffles and tiers as ruffly as she would like.  We can even add more if she wants.  We’ll see what she comes up with!

4 thoughts on “In my studio yesterday

  1. Birthe M. K. Bjørhovde

    It’s amazing that a nine-year-old wants to sew clothes and you are a good teacher who prepares and makes a model. 🙂

  2. What a great way to introduce the younger generation to sewing. It’s amazing what you do with these younger ones and the enthusiasm for sewing you give them is something we could all learn from!

  3. Thanks so much Catherine! I really only provide the supplies and guidance. The rest is all them!

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