Studio Happenings

I teach sewing, weaving, embroidery, knitting and crochet to kids (and sometimes adults) out of my home studio.  Each student chooses what they would like to work on and then that’s what we do:

Some cross stitch…

There is weaving, sewing, and knitting…

And as soon as one project is finished, another one can be started!  The student on the left just finished making a blouse and now she is making a tiered, ruffled skirt.  The one on the right just finished making a quilt and is now cutting fabric for a patchwork binding on another quilt.

3 thoughts on “Studio Happenings

  1. You have a fun job Connie!

  2. What a great teaching job you have! The kids all look like they enjoy themselves too which is the main thing.

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