Autumn Sew-A-Long

Lori Holt over at A Bee in my Bonnet is hosting a sew-a-long that I joined.  I loved the quilt and the fabrics but knew it would be a challenge because I have really never done any appliqué.

I ordered the pattern and the kit to make the quilt.  Once everything arrived, I jumped in with both feet!  The instructions are fabulous – she has step-by-step photos on her blog that are really great.  They are quite a ways along, week 8 to be exact, and I have just managed to cut and “glue” everything down for the first block.  I am WAAAY behind, but loving every minute of it.  Now I’m not sure if I want to prepare the next block or do the stitching on this one.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Sew-A-Long

  1. I would sew it, those pieces don’t always stick like you expect them to!

  2. It appears the only way to get this project is to purchase the kit! Enjoy!

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