A post that is a little bit late!  Around here, Halloween is a big thing!  My kids (even the big ones) love to decorate and hand out candy.  We always carve pumpkins the night before — even on a school night…

In progress…

And finished.  This year we were missing two – one of my kids is away at college and the other was at work — BOO!

I played around on my own with a couple of ideas that showed up in my Facebook feed.  The one on the left worked out ok.  You fill a container with water and pour different nail polishes into the water, then dip your object – in this case a pumpkin – and the nail polish sticks to it.  Well…that was marginally successful.  1)  I didn’t realize how expensive nail polish is.  I don’t buy it anymore.  When I want to do my nails, I borrow polish from one of my girls, so I was surprised at the cost.  I wound up at Walmart where I could get polish for a little over $1 for each bottle, but some of them were $10!!  2) Some of the polish drops down to the bottom of the container and is not usable.  3)  The polish that does stay on top, forms kind of a film and that is what sticks to your object.  It was fun to do this once, but probably not again.

The pumpkin on the right, is done with hot glue and spray paint.  First hot glue is put on the pumpkin in a design – I drew my design on first and then followed along with the glue.  After the glue is dry, you spray paint the pumpkin.  I have discovered a new found love of spray paint so I really enjoyed this part.  Overall the pumpkin was fun to do, but also probably not again.

One of my daughters really loves to bake so we always make something special for Halloween.  This one was pretty easy.  We made the brownies the night before and then on Halloween put the marshmallows on top and poured frosting over them.  Then used black icing for the eyes and nose.  These were really fun to make!  And tasty!

Food and table decorations.  The kids all have friends over and so do we.  The adults sit out front at the fire pit and talk, sometimes with a glass of wine.  The best part is….

The Maze!!  Our youngest son (13 years) and two of his buddies make a maze in our front yard — this year it was on our driveway.  They design it, measure and then use PVC pipe and black plastic sheeting to build and cover the walls.  It is a huge undertaking over several weekends, but it is really fun.

I tried to capture it on this video, but it’s not a true representation.  The boys dress up and wander around in the maze jumping out at people.  They, on their own, post a sentry at the front of the maze and when little kids come by, they take their masks off and walk through with them explaining everything and how it’s really not real.  With adults and older kids, the masks are on and they give chase.  It’s so much fun – I love watching because the energy is so high and soooo good!

One thought on “Halloween

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve never done Halloween but this does make it look like a great fun time.

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