Scrap Happy

This is the monthly post for Scrap Happy!  I love anything that uses up scraps.  Since I teach kids to sew (and weave, knit, crochet, embroider, cross stitch, etc), I have a fair number of scraps to choose from.  I try to encourage the students to pick from the scrap piles first if they are making something that has smaller pieces and I also show them the things I have made from our scraps for inspiration.


Two strips sewn together.

This is where I was last time I posted about this project.  Now I am here…img_4725

You can’t really tell from this photo, but it is long enough for a king size bed.  I think this will be perfect for my bed (unless it is “stolen” by one of the kids!).

These are pictures of the different sections.  First, the scraps are cut into 1 1/2″ wide strips of whatever length the scrap happens to be.  Then they are pieced to make a long strip.  Once I have a super long strip, I start sewing it to the main body of the project.  It really is quite a simple project, but somehow I really like the simple sewing.

I thought I would include pictures of the two boxes of scraps that we have.  Some of the scraps are bigger than others and are oddly shaped, and some of them are really small.  The students have a great time digging through the box for just the right piece of fabric and I love being able to show them that even small pieces can be used to make something fun and useful.

Here are the links for everyone who joins ScrapHappy from time to time (they may not post every time, but their blogs are still worth looking at).

Kate (me!)Gun, TittiHeléneEvaSue, Nanette, Lynn, Lynda,
Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy, Debbierose, Tracy, Jill, Claire, JanKaren,
Moira, SandraLindaChrisNancyAlysKerryClaireJeanJohanna,
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ScrapHappy is open to anyone using up scraps of anything – no new materials. It can be a quilt block, pincushion, bag or hat, socks or a sculpture. Anything made of scraps is eligible. If your scrap collection is out of control and you’d like to turn them into something beautiful or useful instead of leaving them to collect dust in the cupboard, why not join us on the 15th of each month? Either email me at the address on my Kate, or you can also contact Gun via her blog to join. We welcome new members. You don’t have to worry about making a long term commitment or even join in every month, just let either of us know a day or so in advance if you’re new and you’ll have something to show, so we can add your link. Regular contributors will receive an email reminder three days before the event.

6 thoughts on “Scrap Happy

  1. That is a definite scrap buster!

  2. A great way to use your scraps.

  3. That’s going to be a fun quilt! And what a good lesson to teach young ones–there’s beauty in the scraps.

  4. That is going to end up being a beautiful, bright quilt.

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