Worry Pets

My daughter saw these on pinterest a bit ago and I had to make a sample.img_4732

I think I shared this one before.  I had gone to JoAnns and purchased a quarter of a yard of any fun fur that was on sale.  It was still quite expensive, but I just knew that my students would love them!  I was right!img_4721

One of the boys in my class made these.  Isn’t the cat one so cute!  He figured out the ears all by himself!img_4723

This student wanted to make square ones for all her cousins.  So sweet!img_4724

Another square one – the back is pink in case you can’t see.  These whip up in no time – literally about 10 minutes from start to finish – so they are perfect for quick gifts or in the case of the student above, she had just finished a soccer bag for her mom (her mom is the team manager and carries the game balls to all the games) with lining and a zipper.  She only had a few minutes left in class and wanted to do something easy – this was perfect!img_4594

And then of course I had a few orders from here.  The red one is on it’s way to my daughter who is away in college and the other one is for one of the daughters here at home.  The only drawback is that fun fur makes a HUGE mess when it’s being cut.  Bits and pieces of fluff everywhere.  The kids love it and blow the little bits across the table at each other, me…. it’s fun in the moment while they are having fun, but cleaning it up is not so much fun :o)

5 thoughts on “Worry Pets

  1. Ugh I made a few projects with fun fur and then promised myself never again!

  2. This is an adorable project. There is a way to cut the fur without the mess . . .
    After you draw the pattern on the back of the fur, using the very tips of your scissors cut just the backing, avoiding cutting through the fur. This will eliminate all that mess. Takes a littlenlonger, but it’s worth it.

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