Christmas Stockings

I meant to share these yesterday as part of the SAL but I completely forgot.  I stitched these a few years ago.  Each one took me a little over a year (mostly because I got distracted and worked on other projects – kind of like the current one I’m working on!)img_4899

This one was made for my oldest child.img_4898

This one is for the second one.  I simply love these stockings!!  I have purchased the kits for all the rest of our kids as well as for my husband and I.  Good thing I like stitching them!

19 thoughts on “Christmas Stockings

  1. Those stockings are beautiful!! If I change my name to Kirsten, can I have the bird one? LOL It is my favorite!

  2. These are both amazing. I love the deep warm colours of the first bit there’s something very striking about the white one too!

    • Thanks so much! I actually thought the same thing, but I picked the patterns for what the girls liked and the colors that were their favorites. Both of them love their stockings.

  3. That’s me! I have the magazines with about 8 stockings like the one a I am currently working on. This one is nameless because it will either be for my DH or one of the girls’ husbands (one beau has asked permission to marry already), that’s why I am holding off on the name,😉

    • That’s really nice. I have all the kits purchased for the rest of the kids and my husband and me. It will be fun to finish these and then pick new ones as my kids get married and have children of their own.

  4. Both are lovely, but my favourite has to be the second. Love the pop of colour from the scarf and birds.

  5. Love them ! Especially the second one !

  6. Where did you purchase the kits from as I love them!

  7. Such beautiful stockings and ones that can definitely hang proudly! Your children are very lucky and will treasure them for a long time.

    • I hope so. The big question will be when they get homes of their own. Do the stockings stay here or go with them? The oldest is getting ready to move out in the next few months…

  8. Your stockings are gorgeous. The littles are very fortunate to have this legacy. And only a year!!! Amazing!!

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