Holiday Scarves

I was finally able to take pictures of the scarves that I wove for the family for Christmas gifts!

Plaid for the 18yo…

Evenweave with variegated yarn and a stripe for the 23 yo and her boyfriend…img_5143

A different plaid for the 20yo…

Plaid for the 17yo…

Plaid for the 13yo.  I love that purple is his favorite color!img_5224

And one more plaid for my hubby.  These are my first plaid weavings and I really enjoyed them.  I think I want to play around with tartan next time.

11 thoughts on “Holiday Scarves

  1. Your weaving has really come along, didn’t you just start last year?

    • I think I’ve been doing evenweave for a couple of years. I’m trying to branch out and try new things. These were all done on the cricket rigid heddle loom and yarn from stash.

  2. Something I still want to try – weaving! They are wonderful – love them all ~

  3. They look awesome!

  4. What! These are amazing! WOW

  5. Oh how wonderful x there’s a lot of work right there!

  6. These look fantastic! Such a lot of work but they all look very pleased with them and I’m sure they have come in useful lately!

    • It’s not all that cold where we are – California, but the scarves are getting used. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed weaving just for our family and not for samples for classes. I found it so nice to focus on making the scarves and thinking about the intended recipient.

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