Mighty Rainbow Blanket Monthly Goal!

I am determined to finishing this blanket!  I started this (I am embarrassed to share) on September 20th, 2016.  EEEK!!  It started out great, it was small and easily carried.  I had lots of volleyball tournaments and soccer games and practices for the kids to attend and I dragged it everywhere.  Then it got heavy and unwieldy and it was a real pain to knit on while sitting in bleachers.


Mighty Rainbow Blanket

I have been working on it for two hours on Fridays during our knitting group and it has grown slowly.  The light green has just been started and there are only three more skeins (yellow, orange, and red) to go.  I can see the end in sight, I just have to keep working on it!

The goal for this month is to finish this blanket!!  I am linking up to Elm Street Quilts February Finish Link Up to give me the push to work on it!

10 thoughts on “Mighty Rainbow Blanket Monthly Goal!

  1. You can do this…finish line in sight 🙂

  2. Best of luck, the colours look really nice.

  3. Do not feel bad. I have one that is probably 18 years old and put away! This will be a nice warm comforter

  4. Thanks! I am hoping that working on this regularly will get it done soon.

  5. Finish that green, then on to the next color!

  6. Great goal! I am a long time crocheter and have tried to get “into” knitting but it just never “clicks” with me. I love the colors you show and look forward to seeing the others in the completed piece.

  7. Very pretty! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project!

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