Saori Weaving

I took a class yesterday at Saori Santa Cruz.  The owner Jill is amazing!  The setting where her studio is located is beautiful and her studio is to die for.  I spent 8 hours there and the time just flew by.

Jill showed me a new way to measure warp.  We measured with 5 threads at one time.  I had no idea you could do that.  She has this amazing wall (actually several of them) of threads and I was told to choose any 5 I wanted.  Oh…My…that was hard!!  I wound up with 5 cones of threads I wasn’t sure would go together, but take a look at the photo above of the beauty of them together.  Jill was so supportive – she said anything will work and boy was she right!!img_5358

I also got to choose any yarn I wanted to weave with.  I started weaving and was quickly sucked into adding fleece bits and fabric strips.img_5358


Slots or holes (planned holes, kind of like lace)

I learned how to make planned slots in my weaving.  I can totally see LOVING this and using this method a LOT.  I wove portions of my piece over and over to kind of give the section a stacked look.


Brooks Bouquet done crazily.

I was trying out some brooks bouquet when Jill sat down and showed me some crazy weaving that I love!  This kind of weaving is so freeing.  I felt my mind spinning with so many new ideas!

I still need to knot the ends, but I finished (Jill let me stay a little extra) and I’m completely hooked on this method of weaving!

5 thoughts on “Saori Weaving

  1. Wow, that is amazing, just unique and gorgeous.

  2. That really turned out nicely!

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