Around the Studio

I have been working almost full time teaching in the studio.  We just finished up our Halloween Workshop series and really had a blast.   So many fun and original costumes were made!  If you’d like to take a look at some of the costumes, take a gander over to Let’s Go Crafting and peek at the blog.

Now that I’m done with drafting patterns for Halloween costumes, I’ve had a chance to look around the studio.  My, my, my!!  Things have gotten a little out of hand.  I’m teaching 10 classes a week in addition to the Halloween workshops and really hadn’t organized in a bit.

Some of the yarn looks like this:


Exploding yarn!

Actually, more of the yarn balls than I’d like to admit look like this!  My students are really good and they try to put things away, but if you have several students using the yarn (this was used for weaving), this kind of thing just happens.

I had seen ways to organize yarn all over pinterest and am going to be using one of the ideas that I liked the most.

First I wound the yarn.  I made one smaller ball and then wound the rest as big as my little yarn winder would allow.

Then, I used an empty Crystal Geyser water bottle, cut the top off, put the smaller ball of yarn into it and then taped it closed again.   I now have 10 different balls of yarn in a box that are prepared like this.  My box holds 24 bottles neatly and as soon as I’m done filling them all, I’ll show a picture and report back on if this method works!

I’ve also been taking some time out from the studio to work on my own things.  It’s been a long time since I’ve pulled out my personal projects and it really feels good!  More on that later – I’m off to take a walk with the hubby!

7 thoughts on “Around the Studio

  1. That is a great organizational idea Connie!

  2. Lots of fun great stuff going on over at your place. I love that you have been so busy but now you have some ‘me time projects’

  3. That’s an interesting organization idea. Can’t wait to hear how it works for you

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