Camel Stitch Cloth

The third block of the 50 stitches CAL is complete.  This time we learned the camel stitch.


Camel Stitch – 3rd block for the 50 stitches CAL.

Making the stitch itself is a little bit fiddly – you have to go into the “third stitch” – I had to watch several youtube videos to figure out what that is!


Camel Stitch Close-up

I do like the texture of the cloth.  The cloth itself is very flexible and not stiff at all and the stitch pattern give it texture and interest.  It took quite a while though!

January #2 SAL Update

I’ve been plugging along slowly on this project, letting other things work their way into my stitching time, but I do have a bit of progress to show.  This is progress from last time:


1/5/20 Update: After the backstitching

I had just finished that square including the backstitching.  This is where I am today:


1/26/2020 SAL Update

I’ve been working on the stitching between the panes of glass in the window.  I’m enjoying the rhythm of the half stitches and also the texture given by the different number of strands of floss used.

Please take a look at the work made by the other member of this SAL – lots of talent shown on their sites!!  If you’d like to join us, please click on “Avis” below, she keeps us all organized!

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I’m also linking up with Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Stitch Sundays.

Crochet Bobbles

I’m finishes with block 2 of the 50 stitches CAL – the Bobble/Puff Stitch.


Bobble/Puff Stitch – 2nd block for the 50 stitches CAL.

Observations of this stitch:

*I found making the bobbles in crochet to be much easier than in knit as I didn’t have to keep turning the piece front to back and visa versa.

*I did not care for carrying the yarn from bobble to bobble as I could see the carried thread through the other stitches.


Carrying thread visible

*One of the other member of the 50 stitches FB group recommended cutting the yarn for every bobble.  This appealed to me as there were no visible threads and I thought it looked much better from the front.


Ends galore!

*However … that left a boat load of ends to weave in.  Definitely NOT fun.


Stack of yarn ends.

I know this doesn’t look like very much, but it took about 2 hours to weave in all the ends.


Back after ends woven in.

Ahhh … much better.  All in all this was a fun experiment and I love learning new to me stitches especially in crochet where I am not as fluent as in knitting.  I LOVE the look of the different color bobbles against the solid background.  I’m not sure I’ll do this again.  Maybe if I had committed to weaving the ends in as I went, it would have been better!

EDITTED TO ADD:  I’m sharing this on Moogly Hookin Up On Hump Day

50 Stitches CAL

I also found out about the 50 stitches CAL from The Cool Crochet Society FB page.  What a group of talented crocheters!  Kelly is hosting this CAL so that we (the participants) have the opportunity to learn new crochet stitches (or combination of stitches).  For this square, we learned the Seed/lemon Peel Stitch.  This stitch is a combination of single crochet and double crochet and has a really nice look.


50 stitches CAL – #1

My block is a completely different size than it should be.  I chose to use Sugar’n Cream Cotton with a size G hook.  I actually really like it quite a bit, but have not decided what I will do with it.  The next block we learn bobble stitches.  I have never done these in crochet so am excited to learn.

Moogly Square #1 and Slow Stitch Sunday

Every year Moogly hosts a CAL.  This year is no different!  I LOVE the first square from Pinkmambo called Flower Power Square.  The original pattern calls for several colors, but I decided two was enough for mine.


Moogly CAL 2020 – Block #1

This worked up VERY quickly – just a couple of hours which also included picking my colors.  Lots of bpsc which I love.  I don’t know if I will keep up with the CAL – It will depend upon the patterns and how much time I have, but I really liked this one.

Sharing also with Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Stitch Sunday.

HQAL and Slow Stitch Sunday

I have been enjoying the slow rhythm of working on Grandmother’s Flower Garden in the evenings most nights after dinner.  There is something so relaxing about sitting and stitching after the dinner dishes are cleaned up.  My progress has been steady and slow as such things are in my home right now.img_8483

The white border around these two flowers was completed.  img_8484

Not much was done on this flower – the three pink hexis were actually sewn to the yellow instead of just sitting there.img_8486

I thought I’d show you my new hexi work box (instead of the gallon size zip lock I was using!).  One of my students gave me these delicious cookies at the end of our classes in December.  We ate the cookies and this tin has been sitting on my counter.  It is so pretty and such a good size I couldn’t get rid of it.img_8485

Finally, I found a way to use it.  The box hold my cut and prepared hexis while waiting to be sewn.  It really is the perfect size, looks pretty, and it is very convenient to have everything contained in one place while stitching in the evenings.

Please take a look at the others who are taking part of this HQAL (Hand Quilt-A-Long) and if you’d like to join us with your project, please contact Kathy at the link below:

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KarrinGretchenKathi,  BellaDaisy

I am also linking up with Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Stitching Sunday.

One Monthly Goal

I’m squeaking in right under the wire with my goal for the month.  I just had some trouble deciding what I wanted to commit to.  Finally the decision was made – the goal for the month is to finish with the tail portion of the mermaid blanket that I am making for my daughter.  The final fin will be next and hopefully this will be done so it can be gifted for her birthday mid-February.


January One Month Goal-Mermaid Blanket – 55 rows complete

This is where I’m at right now – 55 rows completed out of 66 for the top portion.  After that there are 10 more rows for the tail portion.  I am hoping that I can complete all that by the end of January.

This Mermaid Blanket pattern by Nadia Fuad of YARNtopia can be found here.

I thought it would be fun to share my “notes” page in my projects book


Mermaid Blanket notes page

When I’m done, I’ll enter all this information into Ravelry.  Wish me luck!!

January SAL and Slow Stitch Sunday

It’s a new year and there are so many things I’m looking forward to!  I’m so grateful for my family, my friends and just my life in general.  I’m grateful for this SAL and the friends I’ve made here.  There is so much support and care from each of you and I truly feel blessed to be a part of it.

Three weeks have gone by already since the last update!!  I simply cannot believe that another year is starting – Happy 2020 to everyone!

At the last update, this is where I was:

This is where I am now.

We were on vacation and I had lots of morning and late afternoon time to work on this.  It was just so very relaxing to sit either on our balcony or on the beach, watch the ocean and stitch away!


1/5/20 Update: Before the backstitching


1/5/20 Update: After the backstitching

I even managed to stitch on the airplane!!  That was a first for me.  I hope the start of the new year brings much happiness to you!

Please take a look at the other wonderful stitchers participating in this SAL by clicking on the links below!  And welcome to AJ who is joining us!  This SAL is different than other SALS in that you get to choose the project that you work on.  Every three weeks you post your progress.  It’s a great group of stitchers and if you’d like to join us, please contact Avis (hers is the first link)

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