50 Stitches CAL

I also found out about the 50 stitches CAL from The Cool Crochet Society FB page.  What a group of talented crocheters!  Kelly is hosting this CAL so that we (the participants) have the opportunity to learn new crochet stitches (or combination of stitches).  For this square, we learned the Seed/lemon Peel Stitch.  This stitch is a combination of single crochet and double crochet and has a really nice look.


50 stitches CAL – #1

My block is a completely different size than it should be.  I chose to use Sugar’n Cream Cotton with a size G hook.  I actually really like it quite a bit, but have not decided what I will do with it.  The next block we learn bobble stitches.  I have never done these in crochet so am excited to learn.

3 thoughts on “50 Stitches CAL

  1. wow…way cool, I have never done the seed/lemon peel stitch but the bobble / popcorn stitch is one of my favorites., especially for baby blankets!

    • I’m not quite done with that square, but I’m having some difficulty. My bobbles are a different color than the background. I was carrying the thread for the bobbles along and crocheting over that thread with the main color. The problem was that from the front, you could see the carried thread. On the FB group for this project, the suggestion was made to cut the thread each time . I have been doing that and really like the effect; however, there are now a BOATLOAD of ends to weave in!! I cannot even imagine doing that on an afghan. Do you do something different?

  2. This will be a fun learning experience for you!

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