Crochet Bobbles

I’m finishes with block 2 of the 50 stitches CAL – the Bobble/Puff Stitch.


Bobble/Puff Stitch – 2nd block for the 50 stitches CAL.

Observations of this stitch:

*I found making the bobbles in crochet to be much easier than in knit as I didn’t have to keep turning the piece front to back and visa versa.

*I did not care for carrying the yarn from bobble to bobble as I could see the carried thread through the other stitches.


Carrying thread visible

*One of the other member of the 50 stitches FB group recommended cutting the yarn for every bobble.  This appealed to me as there were no visible threads and I thought it looked much better from the front.


Ends galore!

*However … that left a boat load of ends to weave in.  Definitely NOT fun.


Stack of yarn ends.

I know this doesn’t look like very much, but it took about 2 hours to weave in all the ends.


Back after ends woven in.

Ahhh … much better.  All in all this was a fun experiment and I love learning new to me stitches especially in crochet where I am not as fluent as in knitting.  I LOVE the look of the different color bobbles against the solid background.  I’m not sure I’ll do this again.  Maybe if I had committed to weaving the ends in as I went, it would have been better!

EDITTED TO ADD:  I’m sharing this on Moogly Hookin Up On Hump Day

7 thoughts on “Crochet Bobbles

  1. By gosh I think you’ve got it!!! As I mentioned before this is one of my favorite stitches. I have never done it (bobble stitch) in an alternate color before so I can see how caring to the next stitch could be distracting on front. Perhaps a smaller weave would have made a difference with that.

    • After I was about half way through the cloth I thought about a smaller hook. I really do like the look of this. If I ever do another one, I’ll certainly try that.

  2. Bobbles are fun, but they are hard to knit in heavy yarn, so crocheting looks like the ticket. Do you have a color plan for your CAL, or are you doing the scrap approach (like I quilt!)

  3. I agree with Sharon – I know NOTHING about crochet but it strikes me that a smaller/tighter gauge would be the ticket. The contrast bobbles look really awesome!

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