The Mermaid Blanket!

I have a finish!  Actually it was done on February 7th, but I couldn’t blog or post about it anywhere because it was gift for DD#2 and she reads my blog and follows me on social media.  I find that so sweet, but sometimes I have to be super careful not to spill the beans!  Anyway, here it is in all it’s glory:


She loves it!

It came out the perfect length.  I was a bit worried since she is at college and I am here, but I used one of my other daughters who is about the same size to get it right.  Boy am I relieved!


She’s so happy!

She had requested this a while back and we bought the yarn together.  She knew I had started it, but not that I had finished.  Well, she has a birthday in February.  We all went to visit her and this was one of her gifts.  She was sooooo happy!


Her little fur baby.

Even her cat loves the blanket.

All the details can be found on my ravelry page:

I’m linking up with Kathy’s Slow Stitch Sundays.

19 thoughts on “The Mermaid Blanket!

  1. College kids always have a deeper appreciation for the things we give them, even when they were appreciative before. Leaving home seems to bring it on. She looks thrilled and cozy!

    • Thanks! I have to agree with you on the deeper appreciation. I have noticed this in both my kids who went away to college. Even coming home for a break, they really appreciate their favorite foods, clean laundry done by mom and a variety of other things. AND, they help out without me asking – an added bonus!

  2. It turned out fabulous and #2 looks adorable and comfy cozy with her fur baby in it. That’s the smile that says ‘you’re amazing mom and I love you’

  3. Beautiful mermaid blanket. I made 4 of those and started a 5th for me, and it is stuck in the closet barely started! I’ll have to finish it up one of these days!

  4. What a fabulous project! And the big smiles show how much it is appreciated!

  5. I just love that mermaid afghan you made your dd!!! Excellent job 🙂 Kathi

  6. Just look at the sheer happiness on your daughter’s face. The mermaid afghan is beautiful. Love, love, love the colours and pretty pattern. A most beautiful finish…..well done!

  7. Congratulations on a wonderful finish! The happy smile said it all:). Happy birthday!!😊❤️

  8. karenlogcabinquilter

    I remember seeing a pattern for a mermaid blanket but I thought it was something you had to put your feet in and pull up surrounding your legs. I was thinking about what a person would do if you had to get out of it fast. But it appears in the picture like it is a regular style afghan and just gathered together towards the bottom.

    • Yes, it’s like a regular afghan, except that at some point you join in the round and begin decreasing. Then sew up the back a bit (I sewed until it reached her knees). It’s perfect for her.

  9. This looks great 😀 Glad she was happy with it

  10. Jocelyn Thurston

    Wow, she does look so thrilled with her mermaid blanket. You must be very happy about it too. Such an appreciated gift.

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