April SAL Update

A SAL is a stitch-a-long.  This particular one is super fun because everyone has a different project that they are working and post about it every three weeks.  If you’d like to join us, please contact AVIS at the link below the post.

AND a big welcome to Sherrie!  I can’t wait to hop over to her blog to see what she’s been up to.

Whew!!  That was a quick three weeks!  It is still shelter in place where we live – you are not supposed to leave your home unless you are going on an essential errand or walking the dog.  Our dog now runs away when she sees us get the leash.  There are four kids at home — walking the dog has become one of the coveted chores!

I did not get all that much done on the Candy Cane Christmas Stocking.  This is where I was last update:


3/29/20 – SAL close up Update

And this is where I am now:


4/19/20 – SAL Update

I’ve been scattered lately, not really able to concentrate on any one thing.  I’m like a pin ball, bouncing from one activity to another.  I have lots of unfinished things:  weeding (done in patches), gardening (also done in patches), different areas of organization in our home (lots started, nothing finished).  I read somewhere about a syndrome called IGAD – I Got All Day.  I think in some ways I am experiencing that.  Each day is open and free, one very similar to the next, it is a very strange feeling.  I have never had my days look like this.  I’ve always been working, studying, raising kids, running a business, keeping things running smoothly in the home.  I’ve never experienced long swaths of time like this.  On the plus side, we are walking as a family at least once a day, playing board and card games at every meal (we eat them all together now), do puzzles and have lots of movie nights.  The time together as a family has been really nice.  OK… now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I just watched a YouTube video on how to grow ginger from fresh ginger you buy at the store.  I have some here and I’m off to plant it!

Please take a look at the other stitchers in this group.  There are so many fantastic things going on:

AvisClaireGunCaroleSueConstanzeChristinaKathyMargaretCindyHeidiJackieSunnyHayleyMeganDeborah, Mary MargaretRenee, CarmelaJocelynSharonDaisyAnneConnieAJJennyLauraCathieLindaSherrie

I’m also sharing with Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Stitch Sunday.

31 thoughts on “April SAL Update

  1. My husband is the great finder of youtube gardening videos. Keep us posted on that ginger, we have struggled trying to get ours started, but we have tumeric now, and finally sweet potato slips! Back to stitching, that’s some progress, and I always find that filling in goes a bit easier. I have been making a list of things in progress, trying to spend some time on several each day, and checking them off. At least then I progress on everything over time! Also have had to make a list of chores needing to be done, so I don’t ignore them! Enjoy this lovely family time, it will be the gift of this whole season.

    • Thank you, Kathy! After reading this comment, I made a couple of lists – one for projects, one for organizing and one for outside. I have already tackled several things on the list and feel much, much better!

  2. I’ve been working on different things two. My garden is such a mess right now, I just concentrate on one area at a time or it looks too overwhelming! Lovely stitching!

  3. Your project is coming along nicely. I am heading over to you tube now to check out some ‘ginger’ growing videos. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  4. Your stitching is coming along nicely. It’s so important to focus on the good things – spending more time together as a family is certainly something great

  5. All progress adds up and it’s going to be so beautiful. It’s such a strange time isn’t it, in theory some of us have more time but life feels so different and our brains can be busy with worrying and over thinking. Be kind to yourself, Jenny 🙂

  6. Hi,
    A little progress is better than none. Love the reds, my favorite color. Have a great day!

  7. Had to laugh about the dog getting more walks than he/she wants. I hadn’t heard about IGAD. I totally understand it though. So, no pressure on the stitching. Things will eventually become normalized again and you can pick up your needle more often then.

  8. Great progress! It’s wonderful that you are able to spend more quality time with the family 💚

  9. It looks like you made great progress on your project while enjoying lots of family time making memories.

  10. Speaking for myself ~ and I suspect many others ~ I started this time thinking about everything I would be able to achieve, especially creatively. It’s the chunk of time that I craved and said I needed to do work on big creative pieces and projects. However, I found that it took me ages to settle and I only have got back to things by doing something very different. It sounds to me that your brain is telling you that the time with your family is what you need now, a reassurance I suppose that they are safe in these crazy times. Enjoy the board games!

  11. I’m all over the place too so you’re definitely not alone! Every stitch is progress:)

  12. Hi Connie – I think you’ve made plenty of progress on the stocking! Also — as a lot of people have said, I think we’re all out of sorts in different ways now. I keep thinking I should have so much more time because I’m working from home (and grateful I can!) but I find it really difficult to focus. I love “IGAD”! In normal times I make lists and take great pleasure in checking them off. (See my “101 things in 1001 Days” list, or my “2020 Vision” project.) I noticed at some point last week that I wasn’t using my little weekly planner anymore. I’m not a “Planner” person with a gorgeous notebook, but I do normally make little life / work / create lists and try to cross things off. So on Friday I took a little break and made a simple, small list of things to do this coming week. Here’s hoping it helps me focus a little!

  13. I feel there are many who are juggling a lot of things into the air at the moment. You certainly have a lot going on. It sounds as if you and your family though are coping brilliantly, though.You are making good progress on your cross stitch.

  14. well done Connie ^^

  15. Jocelyn Thurston

    I’m enjoying the different reds that are appearing in your piece.
    I think we are all having to adjust to these calm but strange days. Even for us retirees, it is odd to have no obligations, appointments, outings, etc. day after day. And I can understand how weird it is with endless time now. On the up side, how nice to make the most of the family being together. This opportunity may and hopefully will never happen again.

  16. IGAD! What a great syndrome 🙂 I try to do some sewing in the mornings and keep the afternoons free for everything else I want to do. Your project is looking great!

  17. I’ve definitely got IGAD. Lots of plans but not much getting done LOL

  18. Even if it’s only in small bits, it’s good that you get time to have some things done but also spend it with the family. I get tons of messages from friends going “with the lockdown you must have so much extra time spare. You should see, you should knit, you should… ” . Meanwhile I’m still working and the only change in my routine has been to spend the 30 min we are normally driving to work… Going for a walk.

  19. That looks like a fair bit of progress to me. I know the feeling with lockdown apart from getting in the car and having a run round each week or so, to just keep the battery fully charged, we have not been out the door in almost 8 weeks. I am losing track of time and certainly what day it is means nothing any longer lol.

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