Slow Stitch Sunday

SIP hasn’t been all bad for me.  I’ve been getting together via zoom with friends and since they can’t really see what I’m doing, I’ve been knitting.  Usually there are two non-knitting groups I meet up with during the week for coffee.  I don’t bring my knitting because none of them knits and it just feels a little strange.  Now I’m knitting during these “coffees” and it’s great!  Once we can go back to normal, I will most likely bring my knitting again.


Drachenfels by Melanie Berg

This is a super fun and easy knit.  I like the black and white color as well as the pop of blue now that I’m in the color stripes section.img_9662

I could be done soon if I were a monogamous crafter, but alas, I am not.  I bounce around between this project, a pair of socks, a cross stitch project, some hand quilting and of course gardening.  Today will bring a bike ride and hike with the family.  What will you be doing today?

I’m linking up with Kathy for Slow Stitch Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Slow Stitch Sunday

  1. Great knitting project. I like to bounce around between projects too. I will be doing some hand applique.

  2. What a pretty knitting project! I seem to bounce between projects based on my mood as well. Enjoy the bike ride and hike. Kids are off the Grandma’s for the day. Hubby is doing laundry. I’m going to pop into the sewing room and play!

  3. LOL a monogamous crafter… that’s a great term!
    I’m not that either, so everything takes longer to finish and I’m fine with that!
    I’ll be stitching today… the weather is gorgeous, so most of it will be done outside.

  4. Lovely knitting, a little too warm here for that but I have some sock yarn to play with this fall. It’s nice to have a lot of different projects or talents isn’t it!

  5. Very pretty project and love the colors – great knitting! You seem to be just like Quilters! LOL

  6. I like the colors of your knitting project too. The hint of blue – perfect! bouncing around with a baby quilt, embroidery and cross stitch 🙂 Have a great coming week!

  7. Bouncing is a good thing, definitely!

  8. great stitching! I for sure bounce from one thing to another!! (too much perhaps) it was out on the porch for me this morning and then got too hot – I need to try to get some outside things done in the morning before it gets hot tomorrow

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