June SAL Update

It’s time for my SAL Update.  I belong to a group of stitchers online and participate in a stitch-a-long.  This stitch-a-long is different from most in that each member chooses their own project to work and posts updates every three weeks.  I’m working on a Christmas Stocking for one of my sons.  Here is where I was at the last update:


5/31/20 – SAL Update.

And this is where I am now:


6/21/20-SAL Update

I have been finding a little bit more time here and there to work on this and I’m quite pleased with my progress.  With a little bit of stitching time each day, I’m hoping to be done with this window pane by the next update.

If you have time, please take a look at the other stitch-a-long members and their progress (list below).

AvisClaireGunCaroleSueConstanzeChristinaKathyMargaretCindyHeidiJackieSunnyHayleyMeganDeborah, Mary MargaretRenee, CarmelaJocelynSharonDaisyAnne,  AJJennyLauraCathie, SherrieHelen

26 thoughts on “June SAL Update

  1. The stocking is coming along beautifully. You made some great progress on this 🙂

  2. You have made lovely progress on the stocking. It is looking beautiful.

  3. great progress ^^

  4. I love seeing how your stocking is coming along. Great work!

  5. Great progress indeed! Great job 😊

  6. That fur trim is so detailed, but it’s looking fab!

  7. I can make out that Santa is in a window. You’ve made a lot of progress!

  8. Great progress! Maybe you´ll have a finish before Christmas! 🙂

  9. Great progress this time Connie x

  10. Good progress! Keep up the daily stitching!

  11. You’re making great progress ! I know if you’re using the supplied aida it’s really not as easy feat, they’ve supplied something quite stiff (although I guess its good for the stocking once its finished) but tough to work with.

    • It is stiff at first, but has softened up a bit as I’ve been stitching. I’ve actually not stitched on anything else, but have a project in mind for my EGA that I’ve purchased some linen – wish me luck with that!

  12. You’ve made so much progress this time! This pattern is to lovely and it’s fun to watch it take shape. A little bit of time every day really adds up.

  13. Looks like you’ve made a lot of progress! Well done!

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