August HQAL Update

It’s time for the three week updater on our HQAL.  I’ve gotten a little bit done on the Grandmother’s Flower Garden.img_0131img_0132

There was a little bit of sewing.

And prepping of new hexis.

More hexis.

And more hexis prepped.

I have decided to take the whole thing apart.  Not the individual flowers, but all the green.  The way it is attached is a bit wonky and will never fit the table.  Hopefully by next time I’ll be ready to start stitching them together again.

It seems like every project I have going has some major fixes that need doing – this one, my big cross stitch (fixed, YAY!), a pair of socks that had been almost finished (completely ripped and restarted), and my garden is being devoured by the neighborhood rats.  We don’t poison the rats because there are so many cats around so we are building cages for the raised garden beds.  That is a huge chore!!

This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.

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20 thoughts on “August HQAL Update

  1. So much in your posting … you have some really fun fabric choices in this piece. The owl is darling 🙂 Oh boy, I know that feeling, ripping things apart, I usually talk to myself something like, ‘you got this, it’s gone be worth it, slow and methodically, you’re getting there’ ha ha you got this and it is going to look great. My garden has slugs devouring things in the raised beds. I was using slug bate and that was working but with our new pup I am to worried she’ll get into it. So slugs…enjoy!

    • Hi Sharon, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. For slugs and snails, I use crushed up egg shells scattered around the base of the plants and throughout the entire garden bed. Snails and slugs do not like to crawl over them. I just have to make sure to prune anything that might hang over the edges or even touch the edges of the garden bed.

  2. Slowly but surely it will come together and be beautiful.

  3. Great work on your hexies. Love the owls and the monsters!

  4. So sorry that you’ve needed to make so many fixes on your projects. Glad the cross-stitch is fixed. I am sure you will be happier with the hexies once you make the changes. Love the special fabrics.

  5. So sorry you had to undo some stitching, but if it doesn’t make us happy that’s what we do. I had some of that going on too!

  6. Love the fabric… sorry about ripping out though. Nasty rats… we’ve got them too. They like to eat chicken eggs..😡

  7. Love these fun fabrics, and so sorry about the ripping, but hopefully you will be much happier with the new plan. As for the rats, I would send notes around to the neighbors telling them poison is happening for the next two weeks, and get rid of those vile things. You are very patient and kind!

    • Honestly I don’t really mind the ripping. I learn so much when I’ve made a mistake and have to re-do something. We are building “cages” for all of the garden beds to protect them from the rats and I won’t be planting anything they like in the pots. I find they don’t really like any herbs except for parsley. Strange.

  8. Well done you for fixing your projects. I love all those pretty Flower Garden hexies.

  9. Looking good, but no fun to rip all that hard hand work. Good for you though! Cute hexagon fabric cuts! It will turn out cute!

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