November SAL Update

A fair amount of stitching was done this time!! This is where I was last time:

And this is where I am now:

11/15/2020 SAL Update

Until looking at the photos now, I hadn’t realized how much was done.

11/15/2020 SAL Update – closeup of toe
11/15/2020 SAL Update – Heel section

This SAL is sure keeping me on track!!

I am part of a group of lovely stitchers who are participating in this stitch-a-long. To see what they have been up to, please click on the links below:

AvisClaireGunCaroleSueConstanzeChristinaKathyMargaretCindyHeidiJackieSunnyHayleyMeganDeborahMary MargaretReneeCarmelaSharonDaisyAnneAJJennyLauraCathieLindaHelen

20 thoughts on “November SAL Update

  1. You have done such a beautiful job on Santa. This will be so pretty when finished! What a treasure.

  2. Wow, you have made a whole lot of progress! I agree that participating in the SAL helps you see how much you are really stitching. This is gorgeous.

  3. You’ve done so much since the last update ! It’s looking lovely

  4. This is going to be such a lovely stocking!

  5. Wow, you got loads done. It’s looking lovely 🙂

  6. Great job on finishing up the toe area stitching! Thanks for sharing with the Slow Sunday Stitching crew!

  7. Great work on your stitching. I love seeing your progress! Happy Stitching!

  8. Wow! You really are flying now. Gorgeous!

  9. Lots of great progress…looking wonderful and will be treasured!

  10. Oh that is going to be such a wonderful stocking! So many stitches you’ve made they are really starting to pay off!

  11. are you going to make a dash and try to get this finished for Christmas Eve?

  12. Wow, you did a lot and it’s looking so beautiful! What a gorgeous stocking, wonder if it will be ready to hang this year?! xx

  13. Oh wow you have made progress! I think you could be finished stitching by Christmas, maybe even the entire stocking!

  14. Your Santa is really delightful! So many amazing details!

  15. You have achieved a lot of lovely stitching. I always smile at Tyler’s Santa. He has the cheeriest and most delightful expression.

  16. Wow! You’ve really made a lot of progress. I love this piece and love how you’re really speeding up now.

  17. Great progress and looking so good!

  18. Wow! You worked so hard! … Yes, Christmas is approaching … It’s beautiful!
    Hugs, Carmela

  19. Wow this has grown a lot since the last time I saw it xx

  20. So much progress! What a treasure this will be. 🙂

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