Last SAL Update for 2020

i am thrilled to share my big happy dance! If it wasn’t for this SAL and my embroidery guild, I’m not sure this would have been completed this year!

Where I was at the last update:

And as of the day before Christmas:

Finished 12/23/2020
Closeup of the patch. I used a velour ribbon thread to hide the overlap piece.
My son chose the fabric for the back as well as the lining. The back is quilted in a simple hatch line 1.5 inches apart.
Two of the three that are complete now. The third is waiting to be opened until she gets home.

I was really happy to finally finish this project. I have a few more stockings to do but I am going to take a break from those for a little bit and choose something smaller. I haven’t decided what my next project will be but will be ready next time.

Please take a look at all the other talented stitchers taking part in this SAL:

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45 thoughts on “Last SAL Update for 2020

  1. They both look very happy with their stockings! Love in every stitch.

  2. Oh Connie they are so beautiful – so talented a Lady! I see two very happy young people who are very proud of their gifts received! Have a great week – a New Year is coming!

  3. LOVE the stocking finishes. You are very talented with the lovely finishing. We have knitted Christmas stockings in my family. My sister was showing off a ring on Christmas Day, so I think I need to get to work on one that matches hers for my new ‘brother in love’!

  4. Truly those stockings are masterpieces.. so much detail… just beautiful!
    Congratulations on the finish1

  5. ooooh so pleased to see you got this lovely stocking finished in time for THIS Christmas! It’s been such an awful year, that everyone needs cheering up and your kids certainly look happy!

  6. You did it and their smiles tell the tale. It turned out gorgeous and the other is the same. I didn’t realize you did two, no three of them? Fantastic! Wonderful picture of your children and loved seeing them. Happy Happy Dance 🙂

  7. You created something very beautiful and the recipients appear to like them. A well deserved Happy Dance for you.

  8. Yay congrats on finishing and what a beautiful finish it is. It’s been lovely seeing it develop and I’m sure your next pick will be beautiful too. Here’s to a good stitching year in 2021 xx

  9. Gorgeous stockings! Congratulations on the finish!

  10. They are amazing. Great work.
    Congratulations. Their smiles say all.
    Happy New Year !!

  11. I hope you had a very long Happy Dance after getting the second stocking finished in time for Christmas. No wonder they’re beaming in the photo. Beautiful! The kids and the stockings 🙂

  12. Oh, Connie, congratulations on your happy dance! And in time for Christmas, too!!! It’s so beautiful and it’s clear he’ll treasure it. I’m glad we were all here to cheer you on!

  13. There is obviosly an awful ot of work in making the Christmas stockings. They both look wonderful.

  14. Woohoo! What a spectacular pre-Christmas finish! Well done, well done! I’d be taking a break and working on something smaller and less intense too. 😉 Happy New Year to you and yours!

  15. They will treasure these for sure! I knew you’d finish in time!

  16. Wow that is so beautiful!!!

  17. They look fabulous – you can add me to your list if you like!!!!

  18. Yay! I’m so glad you finished your stocking before Christmas.

  19. One Happy Dance for you! The stockings are gorgeous!

  20. A wonderful end to the year not only a Happy Dance but a Christmas one too. Your kids both look very proud of their stockings. xx

  21. Wow, that looks amazing. Congrats on finishing it in time, and so beautifully 🙂

  22. […] my son’s Christmas stocking in time for Christmas was such a great feeling. He loves it and I still haven’t put the […]

  23. I loved following your progress on your stocking. It turned out absolutely fabulous! Congratulations on a stunning finish.

  24. Congrats on the finish! The stocking turned out beautifully 💕

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