New SAL Choice

Finishing my son’s Christmas stocking in time for Christmas was such a great feeling. He loves it and I still haven’t put the stockings away because I like looking at them. The next stocking to make is for another daughter but I am really not feeling like starting that right now. I spent quite a bit of time going through my WIPs (there are MANY of them). It was so fun and kind of felt like I was visiting old friends. This past summer the embroidery guild I belong to started a project to work on together (virtually). Several of us chose the same one.

Heirloom Family Sampler

I’m in love with this one. One of our members is quite close to finishing and another one chose to do the top part only and she is done. This was my choice because not only do I find it beautiful and have never done a sampler, but there are so many elements I have never tried before.

1/17/2021 SAL update

First, I am working on linen. I have been afraid to do that. Aida cloth has been my “go to”. This pattern calls for linen. I could have done it in Aida, but decided to go all out with the new experiences. My kids actually roll their eyes when I use the words “new experiences” to describe embroidery! Hahaha!

Birds over 1 thread.

The top part of this pattern is done over two threads (this is a first for me) for the most part. Some elements, like the birds, are done over one thread. The contrast between stitching over two threads and then stitching over one thread is so fun!! I love the added texture and dimension. The floss I am using is not the recommended thread. This has been a stash busting project (except for the fabric).

More birds and bunnies over 1 thread.

This is going to be a very challenging project for me. It has pulled thread elements, hardanger and more, but I am excited to make this my SAL project!! This will hold me accountable to keep going and not to put it aside when things get tough.

Please take a look at the others who are joining along in this SAL. They are super talented stitchers and are working on all kinds of fantastic projects.

AvisClaireGunCaroleSueConstanzeChristinaKathyMargaretCindyHeidiJackieSunnyHayleyMeganDeborahMary MargaretReneeCarmelaSharonDaisyAnneAJJennyLauraCathieLindaHelen

37 thoughts on “New SAL Choice

  1. What a beautiful sampler, I have never worked on linen but it looks lovely, some of the techniques you mention I have never heard of but it’s great to try new things. Have fun with your sewing.

  2. Such a lovely project and it does look challenging indeed! Enjoy!

  3. This first section is wonderful, and I believe you will become a linen-like convert! Stitching over two threads opens a new world of possibilities, not to mention making fractional stitching so much easier. Looking forward to watching this grow!

  4. This is a beautiful sampler and it is off to a fantastic start. I look forward to following your progress!

  5. What a beautiful project. I love the birds and bunnies. They are adorable. Enjoy the new “experiences”.

  6. This is a beautiful sampler. I have never worked on linen, and you are doing a great embroidery, just look at the birds. it is amazing.

  7. Beautiful piece you are working on! Happy stitching!

  8. I’ve never worked on linen before either. It looks fantastic so far. I’m pleased you gave close up photos because I missed all the detail on the one of the packet. I’d do a practice piece of the cut thread work on a seperate piece of fabric before attemping it for real on the sampler because I’d be afraid I’d mess it up first time. I’m looking forward to seeing all the different elements come to life.

  9. Hi,
    I’ve worked on linen, it’s really nice. I’ll have to add this sampler to my project list. I’ve
    not made a sampler before. Your work is great. Have a great day!

  10. I just love this sampler you are doing. The little birds are so precious. My project is also a Victoria Sampler. I am wondering how you find the directions? They were so confusing for me. So I am free styling mine (trick or treat) but as I have gotten into it, I am beginning to understand the directions better and the construction do’s. I’d love to look for your kits and do it too 🙂 Great choice!!! your work is beautiful

    • Thank you! I have also been confused by the instruction. There is another woman in our embroidery guild who is making the same sampler and she is ahead of me. She has been helping to explain everything to me.

  11. what a lovely project! birds, bunnies & bees ^^

  12. That is beautiful! I love all the different techniques in it. I just may have to investigate this for when I’m done mine.

  13. The top of the design is absolutely darling. You stitched it beautifully! It’s fun learning new things in our hobbies 😊

  14. Well heck you got a lot accomplished just in the last 3 weeks! What a beautiful challenging project and I can’t wait to watch it take form.

    • Oh, No!! This was waaay more than three weeks of progress!! I started this at the beginning of summer with my EGA and then worked on it here and there. As Christmas got closer, I stopped working on this and focussed on other projects. I just pulled it out now.

  15. What a beautiful sampler! It looks like it has so many different techniques and lots to learn. This will we wonderful to watch.

  16. That’s a beautiful project and a great start on it. I much prefer working on linen. Once you get used to working over 2 there’s no going back. The fabric is nicer to handle and looks so much better on the finished piece. Can’t wait to see all the fabulous stitches on that sampler 🙂

  17. You new sampler is looking wonderful, good on you for trying new things.

  18. What a great project! I love all those birds in the tree!

  19. I love this sampler and your work is gorgeous. Linen is very different and you will have a lovely project at the end of this. I have a sampler to work on Belfast linen but haven’t started it yet.

  20. It’s going to be stunning when you finish!

  21. Interesting! it’s nice how you found inspiration!
    Hugs, Carmela

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