I am continuing to take classes at the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design. Their classes are amazing and their teachers are wonderful. Somehow they have managed to seamlessly move to teaching on zoom.

This is the most recent class that I am taking. I have finished the first of two classes and am enjoying it immensely. This is on needle painting and we are using the long and short stitch. I really struggle with this stitch and am looking forward to more practice and direction.

This is my progress after the first class. Homework is to finish all the stems and that one leaf before the next class. We are working on silk fabric which is really nice. At our next class we will work on one of the flowers. I can’t wait!!

Linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching.

15 thoughts on “Embroidery

  1. you sure can’t tell your struggling, your off to a great start !

  2. That’s a beautiful piece you’re working in! I find the satin stitch to be challenging, but it adds so much to the design.

  3. Looks awesome! How do you find working with silk?

  4. Oh those pansies are going to be beautiful. Such a gorgeous design. I look forward to seeing your progress on these pretties.

  5. You are doing well with the long short stitch, It’s one that gives me a bit of a struggle too.

  6. What a great embroidery project and what a wonderful class to take! Great work!

  7. Such a beautiful design, I adore those who do real embroidery. My efforts are more like simple stitcheries.

  8. Oops, meant to write admire. Although I do adore your work.

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