Drachenfels and One Monthly Goal-Feb.

I started this shawl to help a friend who was having challenges with the pattern. I wound up really enjoying the simplicity of the pattern and have gone on to knit it.

I am running out of steam. This is a TON of garter stitch even with the color changes. I have decided to use this project as my One Monthly Goal for February over at Elm Street Quilts.

This is where I am now:


I am part of the way done with the I-cord bind off. My goal is to finish the I-cord bind off, weave in all the ends and possibly do a crochet edging. I will decide about the crochet edging after I see how the shawl looks.

4 thoughts on “Drachenfels and One Monthly Goal-Feb.

  1. Lovely shawl.

  2. […] to take part and set my goal to finish the Drachenfels Shawl. My first post on this can be found here. […]

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