It’s still too cold to plant outside. Some days are warm, but then it gets cold. The hubby picked up some grow lights for me so that I could start seeds inside.


We set up this table in the sunroom and connected the grow lights and heating pads.

Parisian Carrots and Champion Radishes

Parisian Carrots are spherical and only grow to be an inch in diameter. I am hoping these pans are deep enough for both the carrots and the radishes. I also have carrots planted outside, but thought it would be fun to try some indoors.

Basil and Nasturtium

It still might be too cold in the sunroom for the basil, but the critters ate all my basil that was planted outside, so I thought it might be fun to see if this would grow inside. I hope the nasturtiums grow because we do like them in salads.

Lettuce and Mustard

More salad stuff. The mustard seeds were sent free from Baker Creek when I placed an order last spring. I’m finally using them.

Zinnias and more lettuce

We eat a lot of lettuce so there are two trays of lettuce and I have been watching some homesteading YouTube videos of homesteaders and some of them grow zinnias to eat. I didn’t know you could eat them. It will be fun to give it a try.

Avocado plant #1

I have been sprouting avocado seeds on our kitchen window sill and decided to plant a couple. This is the first one.

Avocado plant #2

This is the second one. I have several more on our window sill that still need planting. I have to get those planted so that I can start my sweet potatoes in order to get slips to plant later this year.

It felt so good to be working in the dirt!!

5 thoughts on “Planting

  1. Planting the first seeds is always a mixture of excitement, faith, and contentment. Let the magic begin!

  2. Connie, my computer blue screened, and I haven’t recovered your email for the HQAL reminder, could you email me please? Kidnotes at midco dot net? Thanks!

  3. Look at your garden…it will grow!

  4. Thanks, Kathy. I love planting food!

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