Every Friday is pizza night here at our home!! I make the dough mid-morning and come dinner time it’s ready!

Personal Pizzas.

Everyone gets some dough to make a pizza. Note the heart one our 16yo son made.

16yo son pizza.
22yo daughter pizza.
Dad pizza.

They are all different as they are custom made to each person’s liking. Fridays have become a great respite in the pandemic. We usually eat dinner together every night; however, sometimes it’s quick and then people scatter to go back to whatever they were doing before dinner.

Pizza night is different. Once everyone gets their ball of dough, it has to rest for a bit. We are all at the table talking and laughing. Then pushing the dough out into the shape each person wants, adding the sauce and cooking for a bit prior to adding toppings.

The crust cooks a bit and then the toppings are added and the pizza is put back into the oven. All in all it takes about 45 minutes from start to finish to make these pizzas.

Once we all have our pizzas, we sit down and watch something. Right now we are watching Wandavision. Fridays during the pandemic have become great family time. I hope once everything is back to normal we can continue with this.

2 thoughts on “PIZZA!!

  1. We have had Friday night Pizza night since the girls were in middle school….now they are long gone, but Pizza night has remained! Love this tradition, and when the girls were home, they each made their own pizzas, same as your family!

    • I love this!! Both my girls, when they went away to college, still had Friday night pizza with their friends (bought) and watched movies. One of them lives on her own with her boyfriend and still has Friday night pizza!

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