SAL Update

I’ve been distracted from my SAL project lately and haven’t worked on it very much. This is where I was last time:

2/6/2021 SAL Update

And this is where I am now:

2/28/2021 – SAL Update.

Those little bees were added. They are so cute! Also added was that line of white stitching.

Bees and Beehive.
Closeup of bee.

I really do love this sampler, but the next section is a pulled thread section that I am really nervous about. I think that’s why I am dragging my feet. Someone suggested that I use a scrap piece to practice the pulled thread so that’s what I plan on doing.

Please take a look at the others participating in this SAL:

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23 thoughts on “SAL Update

  1. Lots of little details to look at in this piece! Looking wonderful!

  2. Those little bees are so cute! Adding the details, like the bluebird, really add to the wonderful detail. Gail said it, lots of great little details to look at 🙂

  3. Very pretty!! I’m returning to cross stitch, out of the blue; something I thought I’d never do again. I love this bee piece you are working on!

  4. Read the directions carefully and go for it. This is such a pretty piece.

  5. Yes, definitely practice first. You can do it 🙂

  6. Beautiful stitching!

  7. Those little bees are absolutely adorable!

  8. Such tiny little bees, I’m sure they make the sweetest honey!

  9. I saw your piece when you posted a picture of the tree. Followed the link to Victoria Sampler and fell in love with it and had to order it. I’ve been working on it fairly steadily. I’d never done pulled thread work but Victoria Sampler has some you tube videos that give some really good instructions on how to do it. Cutting that first thread was kinda scary….

  10. That is a lovely design you’re working on, with the colorful birds, leaves, and bees around the tree! Good luck with your new stitch. I always check YouTube for helpful videos when trying something new!

  11. thanks for zooming in to help us play spot the difference ^^

  12. Those little bees are so very cute. Good luck with the pulled thread section. I think you will be fine.

  13. Tiny little bees, but so darn cute! Practice and then you’ll feel better about the next step. Usually you stitch before cutting, so hang in there!

  14. Lovely stitching and I love the mixture of stitch types. Good luck with the next bit I can certainly understand why you’d be nervous about it too.

  15. Yes, very cute they are 🙂

  16. Love the little bees – good luck with the pulled thread section. Never tried it myself.

  17. Love this. It’s coming on beautifully. I was nervous the first time that I did pulled thread work but once you’ve had a little practise, you’ll be fine.

  18. Oh, the bees are so small and so cute!

  19. I love those small, delicate bees buzzing around the hive. Lovely!

  20. First please can I ask what this design is and who it is by. I love drawn thread work and the suggestion to have a practice on a scrap first a really good one to give you confidence, but there really is nothing to worry about – take it slowly and do it in good light is the only other advice I can give. I look forward to seeing this grow Ann. x

  21. Oops apologies called you Ann instead of Connie. Think I am just tired as I have been awake all night. xx

  22. Spring has arrived on the tree with the birds !!
    Hugs, Carmela

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