Needle Lace Workshop

I’m addicted to these SFSNAD classes!! This class is all about needle lace. The most interesting part to me, is that we are creating lace pieces that can be taken off the fabric and used for different purposes.


This is called a Cordonnet. It is what all the lace stitches will be attached to. The lace stitches will not go through the ground fabric, they will be wrapped around the cordonnet at the edges.

Brussels Stitch with Return.

This was the first technique we learned and give a really solid appearance. We learned how to change colors within the lace as well.

Brussels With Return – the return thread has been replaced with gold thread.

This one was super fun to make and I love the look of it. I will find a reason to use this in the future.

Trellis Stitch.

This one was a little harder to do. I still need lots of practice to get an even look and to have the “knots” line up. Even though the are offset, they should line up.

Brussels with Return.

We were using quite a thick thread so this is quite dense. With a thinner thread it would look much better and a lot more lacy.

Spiral Trellis Stitch

This one still needs to be finished but is very enjoyable.

Stumpwork Jester

The classes offered at SFSNAD are soooo very interesting and I am loving learning so many new things. This class is in four parts spaced one each week for four weeks.

Stumpwork Jester – class taught by Lauren Yaeger.

This piece is padded and needle lace is created for the clothing. Exciting right?!!

In our first class, we learned how to create the felt under piece. This is stitched down and then stuffed. Musculature is added once it is stuffed. Getting this stuffed, completely stitched down and the musculature added is my homework.

Blackwork Class

I’m really enjoying taking embroidery classes at the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design. They have great teachers and interesting classes. I love learning new embroidery techniques.

Blackwork Class at SFSNAD.

This was a two day class that went over all the different stitches that we would find in this kit. My progress so far:

The stitching is really meditative and easy.

So far, this star stitch is my favorite. It has the most steps, but I just love the look of it!! It’s going to take me awhile to complete this project!

Funnel Cake!

I’ve always wanted to make Funnel Cake but have been afraid to try. They just looked so complicated!! I found a recipe over at Sally’s Baking Addiction that looked pretty easy and everything else of hers that I’ve made has worked out perfectly, so I decided to give it a try.

Homemade Funnel Cake with Mint Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce and Whipped Cream.

They turned out perfectly!! What a yummy dessert!

Modern Folk Embroidery SAL

I keep seeing this SAL online from Modern Folk Embroidery. It’s just so pretty and finally I could not resist!!

Modern Folk Embroidery – January

18ct Aida Fabric – Thread=12wt cotton petites in color #s 1030 for the light blue and 1293 for the dark blue. One over one. I had tried using color #1226 for the lighter blue, but there was not enough contrast from the dark blue. I think I’m in love with both the color choices and the pattern!!


I haven’t written about our chickens lately. They bring me so much joy! I love the sounds they make, I love the way they follow me around and I love they way they look!!

5 of our 7 chickens.

Right now, we are enjoying cantaloup, honeydew and watermelon that we can get at Costco pretty inexpensively. The chickens love to eat the little bit that gets left on the rind.

Fairy egg!!

We also enjoy the eggs. They really do taste much better than store bought. Take a look at that cute little “fairy” egg!! These usually don’t have a yolk in them.

Embroidery on Crochet

A friend of mine told me about Bloom Handmade. They teach some pretty cool classes. I signed up for this one:

This just looks like so much fun!! I really love embroidery and I find crochet to be really relaxing. This is a combination of both worlds! I had some homework to do:

I had to make these four coasters in preparation for the class. I used an “F” crochet hook. For three of them I used Peaches & Cream Cotton in color way #4 Ecru, and the last one I used Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton in color way #01004 Soft Ecru. The actual colors of the cloths are not as different as they appear in the photo. I can’t wait for class!!

PFA Challenge

I’m still working on the Postcard Fabric Challenge that I wrote about last week. I kind of had a little bit of a set back. I loved the cheesecloth skins that I had painted. The problem came when I tried to store them. I just stacked them together. Well… they all stuck together and I could only get parts of them to release. Parts of the skins are usable, but not much. I had to make some more:

Purple and Blue Cheesecloth Skin.
Orange and Yellow Cheesecloth Skin.
Blue and Green Cheesecloth Skin.

These are my new skins and I’m really happy with them. I also have a plan for how I want to use them!!

February Fitbit Stats

I’m still tracking my miles and steps on Fitbit. These are the February stats:

My goal is to walk/run 2021 miles in 2021. I need to complete 168.42 miles/month or about 5.54 miles/day. This month while I met my goal, I was under last month’s numbers. My hip is still hurting but much better so I have begun to run again (it’s really just a fast shuffle!).

I’m happy to be back on track and also to be working out. My husband had purchased some free weights and we are using those.

The 75Hard Program has been a little problematic. I have fallen off the wagon and surprisingly it’s because of reading 10 pages of a real book each day. I actually read a TON. I read lots of news, school board docs, etc but when I read a book it’s purely for escape. I end each day with a book. I’m still 20 pounds down and am kind of stuck there for right now. We’ll see what March brings!!

March One Monthly Goal

WHEW!! I’m getting this done right at the wire!! I couldn’t decide on what I would do for my One Monthly Goal for Elm Street Quilts. I finally decided on this:

Needle Lace Hand

I will finish this Needle Lace Hand. This is part of a much bigger project. There is a challenge being run over at the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design that I have entered. There are many elements that I have drawn out and planned, but this is the first element to finish. The hand is a tracing of my youngest daughter’s (19yo) hand. I have three daughters so will needle lace each of them and myself. I have something else planned for the boys in the family and will show that at a later date.