PFA February Challenge Update

So… it takes me a really long time to think about creative things and come up with ideas – even choosing colors. Last week I made the cheesecloth skins and this week I worked on adding paint and stamping the skins.

Acrylic paint.
Acrylic paint.
Acrylic paint and glitter paint (you can’t really see the glitter).
Stamped with both black and purple ink.

I just used regular acrylic paint that I had lying around. Some of the paint I thinned with water to make it lighter and thinner. I love this tree stamp and thought this would be the perfect use for it. Now I have to decide how I will use these fabrics to make a fabric postcard. That’s going to take awhile!!

One thought on “PFA February Challenge Update

  1. […] still working on the Postcard Fabric Challenge that I wrote about last week. I kind of had a little bit of a set back. I loved the cheesecloth […]

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