Crochet Cabled Beanie

This pattern, Braided Cable Beanie Crochet Pattern, was a super fun and would have been a quick crochet if I had read the pattern correctly and followed the video on YouTube.

Close up of cables.

The above photo is the way it SHOULD look. The first time through, I made an error on row 4 (this is a 4 row repeat) so all my cables went the same way instead of crossing over each other. I ripped down to the brim and restarted and all was well.

Finished hat.
The hat being worn by the recipient.

He picked the pattern and the yarn and is totally thrilled with it. This pattern was a little bit of a stretch for me. While I can crochet, I have never done cables in crochet (knitted cables, yes) but the pattern was well written and being able to follow along with her video was great. My son is in the process of picking another pattern – I can’t wait to see what it will be.

The Ausable Sweater

This time I am knitting something for myself! It’s called the Ausable Sweater and I simply love the pattern.

Cable detail

The pattern is a 12 row repeat and it’s pretty easy once you get used to it. This is 9″ of the back and side – I need 15″ as called for in the pattern, but I like my sweaters to be a bit longer so I will probably knit about 17″.

Moss stitch

To begin with, I found Moss stitch to be a bit challenging but I think I have the hang of it now. I am trying to knit at least 2 rows a day and it is really growing!

Outside for the Christmas Tree

Once we had taken all the decorations off of the Christmas tree, we decided to give it a little more life and put it outside in the backyard. We made garlands out of popcorn, fresh cranberries and dried oranges (I dried them in the dehydrator). We also made little “cupcakes” out of bird seed and other ingredients. You can find the directions from Garden Answer

We made these for the birds, but so far the only critters accessing the food on this tree are the squirrels! Oh, well, they are cute too.

I had a couple of helpers!
We put a garland and a few of the birdseed cupcakes in with the chickens – they LOVED them!
Chickens devouring a birdseed cupcake.

This was such a fun activity that I think we will do it every year! The chickens love those cupcakes so much, I think I’ll make them once in awhile as a treat.

New Year’s Day Hike

What better way to start out the New Year than with a hike! We decided to go to Burleigh Ranch State Park in Half Moon Bay. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Cool and crisp, sunny and the air smelled wonderful.

Running creek on the trail to the barn.
Old barn equipment makes a great sitting place.
The Barn.
Trying to stay out of the mud!
Another building – was it used for storage? as a chicken coop? something else?
Happy New Year from our family to yours!