Chicken Scratch Embroidery

I have been wanting to try this embroidery method for a long time. I discovered it while looking through Pinterest years ago, but never actually did anything. The embroidery guild I belong to ran a Chicken Scratch embroidery program a couple of weeks ago and I signed up.

This heart was my first try and what we did at the program. This method of stitching is really easy and really only made up of straight stitches, cross stitches, and a little bit of needle weaving.

This was my next pattern. We were given a packet of information and this was in it. This took me quite awhile as I am a slow stitcher, but it is really enjoyable.

This was the last pattern in our packet and was super fun to stitch. I can see more of this in my future!

4 thoughts on “Chicken Scratch Embroidery

  1. Cute and fun. Will you frame in an embroidery hoop? Reminded me of a craft I did with gingham fabric back in the 70’s – making pillow tops – using the square and folding, stitching with floss to create a puffed up square.

    • I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it. Originally I thought I might use them as patches on a pair of pants, but the images a little bit big for that. Your pillow tops sound like they were fun to make!

  2. My Grandma did this! She made me a pillow I took to college.

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