Glass Beads

Myself and a friend have been renting space at the glass workshop to make beads about once a week. We are having a great time!

None of the beads come out looking like I think they will, but I like them anyway.

This one was fun. I had a bead that exploded into pieces in the annealer. I really liked the color of that bead so I decided to try to add it to the bead I was currently making. I added new glass go the mandril, and while the glass was molten, I pressed the pieces of the broken bead into it. Then I heated everything up and reformed the glass into a bead shape. This might be my favorite bead so far.

I’d like to try to make smaller, thinner beads that I can use in my tambour embroidery.

2 thoughts on “Glass Beads

  1. You are improving rapidly!

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