SAL Update!

I’m so lucky that Avis accepted me back into the SAL (stitch-a-long)! I’m still working on the Christmas stocking for my daughter. This is where I was at the last update:

… well … I can’t find a photo of the stocking from when I started … This is where I am now:

SAL Update as of 5/15/2022.

I’m going to finish the lower right side and then work on all the back stitching for this top portion of the stocking. Then I’ll move it down. I’m loving working with this sit on stand. I’ve been practicing using two hands to do my stitching and I think that is giving me a more even tension. I might be a bit faster as well.

This SAL is hosted by Avis and is different than most SALs in that each participant chooses their own project and works on it, then posts their progress. I had dropped out of the SAL because life got busy and complicated, but now I feel as if I can participate again. There are a whole group of us and each is working on something different. Please take a look at all the other talented stitchers and their work:


11 thoughts on “SAL Update!

  1. Welcome back Connie. Santa looks great.

  2. This is going to be so cute finished. Love the bird on Santas arm. Welcome back Connie 🙂

  3. Welcome back Connie 🙂 Santa is already looking fabulous. The back stitching will make him pop!

  4. Welcome back Connie! I love this stocking. Do you know the name of the pattern/kit? I may want to make it for my future granddaughter.

  5. welcome back Connie! you’ll see you’re not alone in stitching a Christmas theme ^^

  6. Great looking progress! And yes I think two handed stitching definitely makes me faster too!

  7. Welcome back!!! Love your Santa!

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