June SAL Update

I managed to get some good work done this month!! This is where I was at the last check in:

SAL Update as of 5/15/2022.

And now:

SAL update as of 6/5/2022

I finished all the backstitching on the upper portion of the stocking. I have now moved my hoop and will start working on the lower part. I always love how the back stitching makes a piece pop.

If you’d like to see what the other talented stitchers in our group are working on, please click the links below:


12 thoughts on “June SAL Update

  1. The back stitching really makes it! That’s a great mini finish before moving down to the next section!

  2. I love how the backstitching makes a piece come alive. I just can’t bring myself to do the backstitching as I go. I always leave it until the end. I really love this stocking.

  3. I usually leave the backstitching to the end, but I was going to have to move the hoop and decided to just be done with that section so I didn’t have to go back to it.

  4. The backstitching is the star of this posting along with the great progress. Loving it and so will Emma 🙂

  5. I really admire stitchers who do backstitching. I hate it. I think that is why I only stitch full coverage pieces. This is looking great. I love Santas.

  6. What a difference the back stitching has made. It’s beautiful! Enjoy your mini Happy Dance 🙂

  7. Wow, what a difference the back stitching makes! Beautiful progress!

  8. Great progress and it all came alive with the backstitching!

  9. I know we often say it but “wow! what a difference the back stitch makes” eh?

  10. I love the way backstitching makes the piece pop too. Just hate doing it 🤪. Your piece is looking beautiful!

  11. Oh wow that backstitch makes a huge difference. I’m glad you’ve rejoined , this is beautiful !

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