July SAL Update

I feel like I managed to get a fair amount done this time. This is where I was at our last update:

SAL Update as of 6/26/2022.

And this is where I am now:

SAL update as of 7/17/2022

The goal for this update was to have finished the outlining in this section before I needed to move the hoop. Yes! I did it. I did something different for the backstitching on the ties for Santa’s bag. I wasn’t very happy with the way the outline looked on Santa’s list – it is choppy and looks strange with the long stitches and then the short ones. The outlining for the ties in the pattern call for it to be done the same way. I decided to couch down the outlining threads instead of back stitching them. I really love the way this looks and will probably go back and redo the outlining for the list so it is the same.

There is only the toe left to stitch. My goal for the next three weeks is to get the cross and half cross stitching done in this area, then do the outlining for the following check-in. Meaning that hopefully I will finish with all the stitching on this project at the September check-in. Wish me luck!!

This SAL is very unique in that the members are not stitching on the same project. We pick one thing and work on it and report back each three weeks. In this way, it motivates us to finish – this is working well for me with this project!! Please take a look at all the other stitchers participating in this SAL:


18 thoughts on “July SAL Update

  1. It’s looking great! I definitely agree on using couching for some areas. I’ve been using that alot more for long straight lines and intricate shapes it just looks neater than using backstitch.

  2. Great idea to use couching instead of back stitch for the ties. They look really good! You’re flying along with this project.

  3. You made some great progress and are nearing the finish line with this. I am always disappointed with my backstitching but yours looks great. I guess were our best critics 🙂

  4. oh wow! you’re flying along and this design is so intricate!

  5. Love the ties! Great job reaching your goals!

  6. You are stitching this stocking much more quickly than I stitched mine. I love this pattern. It looks fantastic with all of the backstitching added.

  7. You are doing great with this, on to the toe!

  8. It´s looking great! Couching is one of my favorite stitches!

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