August SAL Update #2

For this update I was going to have my daughter’s Christmas stocking sewn up. I have tons of fabric and have been sorting through it but have not made the final decision for the back and the lining. This month, hopefully, I’ll make a decision and completely finish!

I did decide that for this three weekly update I would make Christmas ornaments. I need to make 9 of them and the goal was to start working my way through.

The first three. I really was enjoying making these!

The second three. Boy was I on a roll. After cutting out the tree, star and trunk pieces, everything else went very quickly.

And the last three!! Each tree took approximately 40 minutes to stitch up and once started, I couldn’t stop. Now… after I sew up my daughter’s Christmas stocking, what will my next SAL project be??? I could work on something that is in the WIP pile…. or I could start something completely new… I’m not sure. I’ll have it all worked out next time!

I love this SAL! It is different from some of the others as we choose our own project and then work on it and post our progress every three weeks. Please take a look at the other stitchers taking part in this SAL.



12 thoughts on “August SAL Update #2

  1. Oh, these are so much fun! I love the idea of using buttons for the tree decorations. Definitely don’t rush the stocking fabric choices. I’m terrible at choosing!

  2. Those look fabulous, I am going to do some! What a fun idea to use up some green felt in my stash, and to play with my buttons and beads. Thank you for posting with Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching linkup!

  3. I like those ornaments. You created so many different trees! I look forward to seeing the finished stocking. Have a great week.

  4. Cute ornaments! I also look forward to seeing the finished stocking. Happy stitching!

  5. those decorations look so much fun, and a great way to use beads & buttons from the stash!

  6. Really cute trees, all so different with the embellishments. You are a quick stitcher to get all those finished so fast.

  7. These look fun and would be great on cards too

  8. Cute ornaments, and it is never too soon to start making Christmas items.

  9. Love those ornaments! That might be a solution for my last ornament for this year!

  10. Love your Christmas ornament!

  11. Love the trees, so creative with all those buttons and bling!

  12. Your onraments are adorable! And take your time choosing backing/lining fabric for the stocking — the beautiful stitching deserves it. 🙂

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