December SAL Update

I am so happy to be working on this project. It seems to be coming along nicely, I guess that’s what happens when it’s worked on regularly! Here is where I was at the last update:

SAL Update 11/20/2022

And this is where I am now:

SAL Update 12/11/2022

Since the canvas is painted, it’s pretty hard to tell what has been done.

The entire tree has been done (sans some of the ornaments), the fireplace, parts of the stockings and some of Santa.

The cat has been started and some more has been added to the presents. I might not get as much done in the next three weeks because of the holidays and family in town, but I’m still going to try to work on it most days.

The people in this group are what make this SAL so fun. We get to choose our project and then show our progress every three weeks. It’s super fun to see what everyone has been up to. If you get a chance, take a look at the others participants: