Fox and Rabbit 2023 SAL

I have been a member of the Fox and Rabbit FB Group (previously known as Linen and Threads) for several years. The patterns are so pretty and I’ve always wanted to start one of their SALs.

Yesterday I jumped on the bandwagon and started this SAL!

Fox and Rabbit 2023 SAL
Part 1

This is a free SAL and can be found on the Fox and Rabbit website. I am using 18ct white Aida cloth and DMC #820. This project is being stitched 2 over 1.

Homemade Floss Drop

I saw a Youtube video on floss drops and decided to make my own. The paper is scrapbooking paper from Michaels.

Back of Floss Drop

I cut the threads the length that I usually work with and now am getting used to just pulling out one thread at a time with my needle. It’s actually much easier than what I usually do which is bobbinating the threads.

4 thoughts on “Fox and Rabbit 2023 SAL

  1. Your off to a great start 🙂

  2. Hi, You’ve made good progress at the start of this design.

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