Today I had a couple of extra minutes on my hands before the kids all got home from school so I decided to make a fun snack for them.


Banana Roll Ups with Peanut Butter and Almond Butter.

Some of my kids do not like peanut butter so I also used almond butter.  It was so nice to have a special snack because they actually all sat down together and at and talked.  Kind of a nice way to regroup after a day apart at school.



Well…It’s update time!  I participate in a wonderful SAL.  This SAL is very different than most in that each participant works on their own project (the same one each month) and shares their progress every three weeks.  It is such a huge motivator as I need to show progress each time I post!  Here is where I am now on the Christmas Stocking for my son:



I FINALLY finished that cream colored background stitching.  I’m not quite sure why it took so long, it is super easy (only a half cross stitch), but boy was it boring – rows upon rows of it!  The back stitching for the name is the only part left in that section.  WooHoo!!  And…here is where I was the last time I posted:IMG_1095

I am very pleased with the progress of this project.  Many hours were put in over the last three weeks and it shows.  I guess you can tell that I am a super slow stitcher, but I really enjoy stitching and it doesn’t bother me.

If you get a chance, please take a look at what the other participants of this SAL are doing.  They are a group of VERY talented stitchers.  Here are the links to their blogs:

Mint Tea

At the beginning of summer, I bought several mint plants.  A spearmint, a chocolate mint and a regular mint.  At first they didn’t seem to be thriving, but after I moved them out of the direct sunlight, they went crazy.  I have all kinds of mint growing.  I wanted to make a mint tea.  First I cut some stems from each of my mint plants and washed them.  Then I put them in a pot and just barely covered them with water.


Lots and lots of mint.

I boiled them for awhile and then let it all cool a bit.  Then I put it through a strainer and into a glass jar.


Mint syrup.

There is no sugar in this, so to make a glass of iced mint tea, I put ice in a glass, add about 2T of this syrup and about 1/2 tsp of sugar.  It’s so tasty and refreshing!

Beekeeper Quilt Update

I really like knitting these hexi puffs!  I’m not so into just the regular ones anymore.  I kind of really like making “special” ones…



This one is pretty cool (although it only has 4 legs) and the construction was cool as well.  I can see making a few more of these in different colors.


More crochet and duplicate stitch.

These are more hexis with crochet embellishment and duplicate stitch embellishment.  The duplicate stitch is a little fiddly as getting my fingers inside that little thing is sometimes a challenge.  I’m going to think about ways to make that easier.

Bird Bath Fail

I am so discouraged!!  I had worked so hard on this bird bath!!  Just take a look at what has happened…


Marine Varnish Fail.

I was so sure this was the way to go.  It took forever to apply all those tiles and then there are three coats of Marine Varnish over the top to make it water proof.  I waited 24 hours between each application of Marine Varnish…


Grout Fail.

As the Marine Varnish peels off, it is taking all the grout with it.  I have no idea what to do now.  AND as you can see in the first photo, the painting on the little pot is also failing!  UGH!!  I am going to bring it in (I left it outside last night)  and put it into timeout until I can work myself up to cleaning it up again and finding another solution to make it waterproof.  *SNIFF* *SNIFF*

Blue Jeans and Flannel Shirts

Because we have 5 kids we have lots of outgrown jeans.  A long time ago I found a pattern online on a blog called “Blue Jeans and Flannel Shirts” (it has since disappeared).  I started a quilt with the jeans and instead of flannel, I started using fabric with dog themes on them.


Jeans quilt.

This is what it looks like right now.  I just have a small piece done.


Dog print centers.

I decided that I wanted this quilt to have only dog fabric as the centers.IMG_1143

I have been collecting fat quarters and little bits of dog motif fabric for quite awhile now.IMG_1145

The top green one is my favorite right now.  Today I worked on prepping old jeans so that I can cut out the circles.


15 pairs of old jeans with the tops cut off.

The first step is to cut off the legs.  These are all of the legs.



These are the tops of the jeans.  I really like this one that is on the top of the pile.  I am thinking I might turn it into a little purse.


Getting rid of the seams.

After the legs are cut off, all the seams and hems need to be cut away.


11 pairs of pants ready to be cut.

I worked for about an hour and a half and finished cutting off the hems and seams of 11 pairs of jeans.  These are ready for the circle to be cut.  I am slowly cleaning out my cabinets and rediscovering half-finished projects – I am planning to slowly work my way through each of them.