Giraffe Graphghan

Slow and steady has become my mantra for this afghan.IMG_3394  Someone a long time ago told me that if I stuck to one project at a time, I would finish each project more quickly.  I must disagree.  I agree that if I worked on one project and one project only consistently, yes I would finish more quickly.  However, it just doesn’t turn out that way for me.  I have tried to put that limitation on myself and what generally tends to happen is that I get tired of the same project and then just don’t craft at all.  Since I love to craft and it’s my way of chillin’ out, I become anxious and depressed when I don’t craft.  So…many projects for me it is!

Giraffe Graphghan

Some days I am working on this graphghan and I don’t feel like I am making any progress at all.

Another two hours.

Another two hours.

But then I go back and look at where I was before I did a session and I can see that I really did make progress.IMG_3209

It just feels like it’s going so slowly right now.  This might be because I have a couple of other graphghans lines up to work on and am anxious to finish this one and start a new one :o)

Baby Giraffe is Coming Along

I have not been working on this graphghan as much as I previously was.  I try to do a little bit each day, but other things are catching my attention lately.IMG_3198

From the last time to this picture I was only able to work on it for about 30 minutes.IMG_3199

This picture is an additional hour of work and you can really make out the difference.  I am loving working with a chart, but I think the using the SC stitch, while very easy, is not giving the finished look that I would like to have.  For my next graphghan I think I will try to learn the TSS.

More Baby Giraffe

I can’t seem to stop crocheting this afghan!  It is taking up all my “free” time.  The only hard part now is that it is not very portable.  With all the bobbins and the tracking with the graph, I can’t bring it to soccer games or concerts now.

Ends, ends, ends

Ends, ends, ends

Just look at all those ends – after I was finished working on this for the day, I took one look at those ends and realized that if I didn’t do something about them now, it would be a HUGE chore by the time I was done with the whole project.

The other side.

The other side.

I also had ends on the other side – UGH!

HAH!!  Take that!

HAH!! Take that!

I spend just a little bit of time and wove in all the ends right then and there!

All ends woven in.

All ends woven in.

Doesn’t that look so much neater?  Gotta go – chores are calling and so are kids :o)

Baby Giraffe Graphghan

I love working on this afghan!!  I am so glad that I decided to learn this form of crochet.IMG_3177

Progress after about 2 hours since the last time I posted.  I am finding this to be completely addictive!  I just want to keep moving from one color to the next and from one row to the next – it is very hard to put this project down!!!

Baby Giraffe Update

Yesterday, I worked on the Baby Giraffe Graphghan while I was waiting for various appointments and kid’s activities.  All in all I managed to get about 2 hours of crocheting done.

Progress 10/20/2014 - 2 hours

Progress 10/20/2014 – 2 hours

It was so exciting to finally make it to the first color change.  This is at the bottom of the graph – so it is the giraffe’s left foot.  I found it so hard to stop crocheting last night!!  I wanted to keep going to the next row for more colors – I can see where I am going to become VERY addicted to graphghans!!!