Blueberry Brioche

Well…the Tasty app has hit again!  I was looking at it while waiting for one of the kids at the orthodontist and this recipe popped up.  I watched the little video and then emailed it to myself.  It was pretty easy.IMG_1702

I was a little worried because the first rise did not rise very well.  The second rise was fine and the resulting bread looked great.IMG_1706

I think the blueberries were a little too big, the holes were pretty large.  Everyone liked it so I think I’ll make it again, but next time I’ll use dried blueberries and see how that turns out.


Right after Halloween I was at Cost Plus World Market and bought several scone  and pancake mixes.  This scone mix was a complete hit!


Peppermint Chocolate Chip.


Fresh out of the oven.


The last one.

15 minutes later, this is the last one!  This was a good mix!

Apple Pie Crumble Blondies

Tracy at It’s a T-Sweets Day hosts a monthly “Fantastic Bake-A-Long”.   I was honored to share a recipe for this month.  All those participating in the Bake-A-Long make and share their favorite apple recipe before the end of the week.  Well…the applesauce cake that is share is my favorite apple recipe so to participate I had to choose something else.

Sooo…I went to my very favorite app, a very addictive app, an app that I MUST look at each and every day, an app where I email myself stuff EACH and EVERY day.  This app is the Tasty app – I only advise you to get this app is you would like to spend some time everyday looking at it.  If you have an addictive personality for cooking or baking recipes this might be (or not) for you.  I tried this recipe, Apple Pie Crumble Blondies, and found it to be so “tasty” (HA!  a little pun).


Apple Pie Blondies

The recipe says it makes 9 blondies, but we cut them so that we got 16 (4 rows of 4).


Wine, the perfect accompaniment!

The only change I made to the recipe is that I used pancake syrup instead of maple syrup.  I didn’t have any maple syrup on hand.  When I make these again, I will use maple syrup and see if there is any difference in taste.

If you want to join along please contact Tracy and she will set you up.  Please take a look at all the other talented people participating in this month’s Fantastic Bake-A-Long:,  Kathy@Sewing Etc.,  Brenna @ Crochet539,  Emma @Emma Crafts Design,  Kate @Life Tea and Everything,  Tami @Tanglewood Knots,  Tracy@It’s a T-Sweets Day!,  Lucia @Crochet, Knit, and More,  AJ @A Petite Slice of Life,  Marcia @Una Ragiaen Bicicleta,  Miss Rebecca @Twinklehook,  Abbey @Three Cats and a Girl

EGA Snack

Every month there is an EGA (Embroider’s Guild) meeting.  I enjoy going to these meetings for many reasons:  The women are so very nice and supportive, all of them are very accomplished needlewomen (the projects they work on are amazing), and this is also a teaching guild.  I absolutely love learning new things and improving my skills on others.  We meet mid-morning and continue through lunch.  We bring out own lunch and then some of us bring treats to share.  I really like baking so I try to bring a baked item each time.  This time I brought brownies.



This is the only picture I have to share.  Right after taking this picture, I cut the edges off, cut the rest into bite sized pieces, put the pieces onto a plate and left the edges at home.  I had 5 brownies left when I left the meeting.  After getting home, I put the plate on the counter and did some work around the house.  By the time I started dinner, all edges and brownies had disappeared!  At least I know this is a good recipe!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here and as usual I am awake before anyone else.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays since I’ve had kids.  They are so into dressing up, going to trick-or-treat, and just having fun.  Last night the 15yo and I (it was her idea – she found the recipes somewhere, forwarded them to me, and I bought the ingredients) made treats for tonight for the friends who will be coming before and after trick-or-treat.



We made these cuties first.



Then these.  The hardest part was getting the oreo cookie to snap at the half way mark.  Mine never did, but she was able to get most of hers to be half and half.


Oreo Creations

This one is where we ran into trouble.  The directions said to stick a lollipop stick into the creme center and then dip into the melted chocolate.  Well…the lollipop sticks separated the cookies (I thought we had thin ones) and even when we squished them back together, the fell off the stick into the chocolate.  We abandoned the stick idea and just did our own thing.  They are not lollipops but the are cute!


Witch’s Fingers

These were really easy and fun!


Cupcake Spiders.

These are supposed to be spiders.  I could not find black licorice strings anywhere – I waited too long (not to self-buy early next year!) – we tried red ones that we were cutting, but gave up and made legless spider cupcakes.  I’m sure they will taste good :o)


Zombie Brains

These were also fun to make.


Decorating the Zombie Brains

My daughter putting on the brains.


Closeup of the Zombie Brains

I got to add the “blood”.



I think we have a nice array of goodies for friends who stop by and hang out with us tonight.


Tracy over at It’s a T-Sweets day hosts a Bake-A-Long that looks pretty fun.  This is the first time that I have taken part of it.

Tina from Kristabella’s Hodgepodge is where the latest recipe has come from:  Chili/Chocolate Bread.  This bread is simply delicious!!  AND…there is no way that you can muck up the recipe – ask me how I know this…I will tell you!

I have now made this bread three times trying to get it right.  Now, there is nothing wrong with the recipe – it is clearly written and easy to follow.  Everything is laid out there for you perfectly.  It came down to my lack of experience using my own bread maker.  Haha!!  I have made bread in the bread maker for about 26 years now (it was a gift from my new husband to me!), but have never done any add ins.  Hmm…how hard could it be??  Well… on the first try…


Insides of first try.

it didn’t rise and the chocolate was totally melted in the middle all in one lump.  It turns out that I had killed the yeast by using cold milk AND because I was in a hurry, I added the chocolate chips right at the beginning.  The bread looks a little strange, but it tasted delicious!  Especially toasted with butter, YUM, YUM!

Ok, on to the second try…IMG_1452

See how the chocolate chips are just stuck on the top and burned onto the bottom?  Well, apparently, if you add the chips in AFTER kneading is completely finished, they won’t be mixed in – go figure.  In my defense, I needed to walk the dog and while out walking the dog I ran into several people that I just HAD to talk with.  I got home and erroneously assumed that the machine still had the second kneading left to go.  Nope – wrong!  This bread also tasted delicious (once the burned part was cut off).

Now I was not going to be bested by a bread machine!  On to the third try…


3rd time is a charm.

It’s perfect!  The chocolate is all mixed in (although the top did sink a little – why is that?)!!  I made this while I was at home.  That’s right, I stayed home the entire time this was cooking and I heard the little beeps telling me to put the chocolate chips in and I did put them in at the correct time.  Fancy following directions and using the machine the right way!  This loaf is also delicious!  This recipe is so easy and obviously, you really can’t go wrong with it.


EDITED 10 Nov. 2017:  I have been honored to have been asked to share my recipe for my applesauce cake by Tracy over at It’s A T-Sweets Day.  The recipe for the cake is added to the bottom of this blog post.  Enjoy!!

We have an apple tree and so does a friend of mine.  She doesn’t use her apples so she brings them over to me.  Lately, I have found myself with a boat load of apples and we can’t eat them fast enough.  So… I made apple sauce


Some of the apples, I also used green ones.

As you can see from the above picture, some of the apples were starting to go a little past their prime.  I cut, cored and peeled them,


Ready to be cooked!

and placed them in a pot with some spices and cooked them up for…


Loads of applesauce.

applesauce.  I made too much apple sauce.  We were definitely NOT going to be able to eat as much as I made before it spoiled … so I added a few ingredients and …


Apple sauce cakes.

POOF… apple sauce cakes were made.  And then the locusts (known as my children) descended … and …IMG_1054

Poof again… only three slices left!  This is what happens when you have four teens and a young adult living at home!

Spiced Applesauce Cake

1/3 C butter; softened

1 C brown sugar

1 egg

1 C thick applesauce

1 ½ C flour

1 t baking powder

1 t baking soda

1 t ground cinnamon

½ t ground allspice

½ t ground nutmeg

Dash salt

**Option: ½ C raisins, ¾ C chopped nuts


Cream butter and sugar until smooth. Add egg and beat well. Stir in applesauce.


Sift together flour, baking powder, baking soda, spices and salt. Add to butter mixture and mix well.


**Add raisins and chopped nuts now if desired**


Turn batter into a greased and floured bundt pan (I use 2 round cake pans).


Bake at 350° until cake is done and pick inserted in center comes out clean. About 35-40 minutes.


Let cake rest in pan for a few minutes and then turn out onto rack.