We have an apple tree and so does a friend of mine.  She doesn’t use her apples so she brings them over to me.  Lately, I have found myself with a boat load of apples and we can’t eat them fast enough.  So… I made apple sauce


Some of the apples, I also used green ones.

As you can see from the above picture, some of the apples were starting to go a little past their prime.  I cut, cored and peeled them,


Ready to be cooked!

and placed them in a pot with some spices and cooked them up for…


Loads of applesauce.

applesauce.  I made too much apple sauce.  We were definitely NOT going to be able to eat as much as I made before it spoiled … so I added a few ingredients and …


Apple sauce cakes.

POOF… apple sauce cakes were made.  And then the locusts (known as my children) descended … and …IMG_1054

Poof again… only three slices left!  This is what happens when you have four teens and a young adult living at home!



The kids have been asking me to make them cookies.


Chocolate Chip and Cookies & Cream

I made two different kinds because there were a few friends over.  The top ones are chocolate chip and the bottom ones are Cookies & Cream which is basically the same dough but you mix in crushed oreos and mini marshmallows (I cut them in quarters).

I try not to make too many cookies because I eat them – I don’t really need to be eating cookies right now!

Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies

Even though it has been super hot here lately, the 15 year old daughter wants to keep on baking.  She started school, but the homework has not ramped up so she is taking advantage and trying to cook/bake with me almost everyday.


Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies.

For these, we made my regular sugar cookie recipe and refrigerated it for awhile, then separated it out into several different sections and added the coloring.  Then pinched off a little ball of each color, rolled each color into a “snake”, twisted them so they were twirled and then rolled them into a circle and pushed a lollipop stick into the back.  I should have taken a picture of our hands since we didn’t wear gloves – they were quite colorful!


My baking companion.

The baker!


Oldest daughter enjoying a snack.

This is her second one that is why she looks a little sheepish!


Our youngest. Obviously he enjoyed these!

My other two kids were working but don’t worry, we saved one for them!

Grasshopper Pie

This was a request of my daughter’s.  We try to bake together once a week – she usually picks the recipes.  This one is more like an assembly of items that an actual baking project, but we really had a fun time together!


Grasshopper Pie.

We used a pre-made oreo cookie pie crust, mint ice cream and vanilla ice cream sandwiches.  It was delicious!!!

Shortbread Jam Squares by Tasty

I think I’m starting to sound like an advertisement for this app, but I really like some of the food that is featured.


Shortbread Jam Squares.

These were very yummy, super easy to make and didn’t last very long. Everyone liked these except me.  I am just so-so for them which is great because then I won’t eat them!


Two weekends ago we had so much fun with friends we hadn’t seen in awhile.  We invited them and their kids over for a brunch out by the fire – it was so cozy.  After brunch the kids went off to play and the adults just sat and talked.  It’s been awhile since we have had time to just sit and chat with friends.


Mini Frittatas

These are made with spinach, sour cream, cheddar cheese and lots of fragrant spices.  My husband likes them so much he brought leftovers to work for lunch for a few days after this.


Fruit Salad

I love the color and flavor of a fruit salad.  I was lucky that all these melons were available and ripe!


Cinnamon Roll Cake

Dessert!!  You can’t go wrong with dessert!