My chickens are molting and we have so many feathers in the coop and the run that it looks like they were attacked by something.  It’s crazy how many feathers are in there.  I started collecting the nicer ones not knowing what I would do with them.


Feathers from Diva, Bone Crusher and Short Wing.

These are just some of the many feathers I have collected.  All of a sudden I looked at the eggs that are in process to be beaded and had an idea…I will decoupage some of these feathers on the eggs!!


An egg from Diva.

I have lots and lots of eggs that have already been blown and are ready to work – I chose this egg.


One paint application.

First, paint is applied to the outside.  This picture shows the first coat, I have now done three coats and am happy with the coverage.  The next step will be to get the feathers on there.  I think I will work on that for a little bit today!

Beaded and Decorated Eggs

I used to make beaded eggs to sell.  I went to a craft fair and was a little disappointed that I didn’t do as well as I thought I would and stopped making the eggs.  Fast forward to last week and suddenly I had an idea.  I would bring them to a consignment store.   I made contact with two stores that I showed my eggs to and they will let me know this week if I am accepted.  These are the eggs that I brought along with me.IMG_1656IMG_1657IMG_1662IMG_1663IMG_1655

Some of these are left overs from the fair and some are new.  I hope I am accepted!!

Working Hard, Having Fun

My life in the last four years or so has been all about taking myself out of my comfort zone.  It started with beginning my own business teaching kids to knit and quickly expanded into having my own studio where I teach sewing (on machines and by hand), weaving, knitting, crochet and jewelry making.  Four years ago was when Let’s Go Crafting was born.  It quickly expanded into hosting birthday parties and Girl Scout Workshops – it is so much fun to see how excited these students are with their new found skills and their finished projects!

Now I have taken myself further out of my comfort zone and have purchased space in the Mistletoe Madness craft fair.  You see, I also make beaded eggs.

Each of these eggs was laid by our hens (before beading of course!!).  Our hens are hand fed by our kids and let to roam free.