Someone is 15 in our house!

Time is flying by in my house.  How did our 4th child become 15??  I know I haven’t aged a bit!


Chocolate cake with blackberry filling.

This cake was so fun to make!!  I always bake the cake in the morning and assemble in the afternoon.  This year I baked the cake in the morning as usual.  Our 18 year old daughter had just come home from college the night before so we took her out to lunch.  I love when all the kids are back!!!  One is still away but will arrive this Friday – good times!!  Anyway, back to the cake.  After lunch, we came home and I expected DD to go out with friends.  Instead she asked to help with the cake!  We assembled it together and she decorated it!!  Doesn’t it look great!  Working in the kitchen with the kids is one of the things I really treasure.


Breakfast Waffles

The birthday girl had her friends stay the night so we whipped up something special for her morning breakfast.  Yummy!!

Let Them Eat Cake!

My daughter’s Freshman season of volleyball came to a close on Monday and she asked me to bake her favorite cake for a celebratory snack after their last game.

She asked for a chocolate cake with raspberries.

This cake is two layers and I tried to do a little shell around the bottom and the top of the cake for added interest and festivity.

My daughter also asked for a raspberry filling.  So I happily provided that!!  I built up a “wall” of frosting around the top edge of the bottom layer, frosted the top of the bottom layer so the jam wouldn’t make the cake soggy and poured jam onto the cake to the level of the frosting border.  Then added the second layer and finished frosting and decorating the cake.

This is the cake before the addition of the raspberries.  I waited to add them because they can sometimes “weep” and add unwanted moisture.

The side view of this cake.  I just now noticed that you can see a bit of cake through the frosting.  No worries!!  The girls did not notice and this cake was devoured in less than 10 minutes flat!


My daughter and her team loved the look and taste of this cake!  It was the perfect end of season snack!