Sohpie’s Universe

I decided to join the CAL over at “Look At What I Made” this year – I really love doing these CALs.  I like the support of all the creative people who are also a part of this and I love seeing everyone else’s work – the colors that they choose really intrigues me.

Sophie's Universe - Part 1 and 2.

Sophie’s Universe – Part 1.

I have been crocheting for many years now, but have never tackled anything as complicated as this pattern.  At first, I thought that I would never be able to do this.  It seemed very hard and there were many stitches I didn’t know how to do.  But I powered through and before the week was out, I managed to complete part 1.

Sophie's Universe - Part 3.

Sophie’s Universe – Part 2.

Part two was equally challenging, but the instructions and pictures that accompany the instructions are VERY good and I was able to again complete part 2 on time.

Sophie's Universe - Part 4.

Sophie’s Universe – Part 3.

Ah…Part 3…how challenging you were!  Count and recount, what is a treble crochet?  Lots and lots of new things to learn here.  Again the pattern and pictures saved me.  Have I said how well this pattern is written?  It is written REALLY, REALLY clearly.  I believe that I WAS a novice crocheter, but I am able to keep working on this.

Sophie's Universe - Part 5.

Sophie’s Universe – Part 4.

Part 4 – completed on time!

Sophie's Universe - Part 5 corner detail with the petals.

Sophie’s Universe – Part 4 corner detail with the petals.

I love these little details in the corner – especially the petals that are 3-D.

Sophie's Universe - Part 5

Sophie’s Universe – Part 5

I found this part to be some what easier than the first 4 parts.  The tulips are so fun to make!!  The only parts I thought were a little complicated were the corner parts, but again with those fabulous instructions, I couldn’t fail!.

Sophie's Universe - Part 5 - close up.

Sophie’s Universe – Part 5 – close up.

I Am LOVING this CAL!!