Skillet Cooking

I have wanted a cast iron skillet for a LONG time. My oldest son works for REI and for Christmas he gave me one!!! I have been playing around. The first time I used it was not pretty – the chicken stuck to it, I had to clean it off midway through cooking, and we wound up eating dinner around 8:30 which is late for us. After doing some research about seasoning cast iron and the proper way to use it, things have been much better.

Cast Iron Skillet Pot from DS#1.

Isn’t she a beauty?! I have been poking around the internet for cast iron recipes and came across a site called Food52. They have all kinds of recipes, but also have recipes specific to cast iron. We love potatoes so I decided to try Hasselback Potato Skillet Bake.

Prepped and ready for the oven.

First you wash the potatoes and slice them really thin, but not all the way through. Then you mix up melted butter and spices and brush this mixture onto the pan and the potatoes making sure the mixture goes in between each slice. This took a bit of time, but was so worth it!

Yummy garlic and herbs!!
Baking before the addition of the grated parmesan cheese.

These potatoes were sooo yummy!! The only fiddly part is that you have to baste them with the butter/herb mixture every 15 minutes and cook them for an hour. Everyone liked these!!

DS#1 was in charge of the rest of the meal.

DS#1 made tilapia in the oven and asparagus in the air fryer (a birthday/Christmas gift from the hubby).

We have instituted a new dinner plan since about May. Each night one of the kids are in charge of dinner. They let us know by Friday what the dinner plan is and tell us the ingredients. When we go shopping, we pick up what they need. Since four of the kids are living at home and Friday is pizza night (I make the dough), I am really only in charge of a meal one night a week. It has been so fun to see what they come up with and it takes some of the pressure off of me.

I will definitely be trying some of the other recipes from Food52 for my cast iron skillet!