My ceramics class is still so much fun!  We learned about underglaze in one of my classes this session so I tried it out.



I made this coaster (I know it’s a little wonky) by cutting out a square of the clay, using a rubber stamp for the image and then using underglaze to paint.  It was a great learning experience.  After the coaster was bisque fired, I glazed it.  I found it interesting how the colors of the underglaze changed after glazing and final firing.  The next step will be to make some test tiles to make sure I know what the underglaze will do in order to get a consistent finished product that I like.


I have been taking a ceramics class for a little while now (1 semester and a shortened summer class) and have really been enjoying myself.  I am working with slabs.  I thought I would want to do pottery on the wheel, but when I went to sign up that class was full so I signed up for the slab class.  Well, that was very good luck for me!!


Coil Pot

We learned how to do a coil pot.  I really, really like this.  After the pot was done, our teacher had us embellish it.  I used slip to make the dots on the top, the little hearts, and the squiggle on the bottom.  Then I used one of my cake decorating tips to push in those little star decorations.  We learned how to use a dye to make some areas stand out and then we glazed it.  Alas, I was not allowed to keep it… my 15 year old daughter “stole” it and is planning on planting a succulent in it and placing it on her desk.  Probably this weekend.


Paper pattern slab pot.

This was also super fun to make.  Our teacher had all these patterns that we could choose from.  I chose this and cut it out of the clay that I had rolled to be 1/4″ thick.  Then a design is pressed into the clay, the sides are folded up, and all the edges are smoothed.  Super fun and relatively easy to do.


Bottom of the pot.

Since most of us are making kind of the same things, we were told to customize the bottom – I chose to use a rubber stamp of a robot – he makes me smile!  I was not allowed to keep this one either – the 17 year old boy wants a plant for his room now.  I don’t mind, I like that the kids want the stuff that I make.  My next session starts in two weeks and I can’t wait!  We are going to be making bird houses/feeders I think.