Whenever it gets cold outside, I make a mash for my chickens.


Chicken Mash

It’s made with oatmeal, dried cranberries, garlic powder and flax seed.  I serve it to them warm and they really enjoy it.  It’s nice to do something for them.

A little bit of sunshine

We brought our chickens home almost 4 years ago.  I love going out each morning to check on them and take care of them.  They are only laying periodically now, but they come when called and make the best “cooing” noises while waiting for me to feed them their morning treats.


These ladies bring me so much happiness.

Today (and yesterday) they got corn on the cob that was a little past it’s prime.  It wound up stuck in the back of the fridge and I forgot about it – oh, well, our waste is their prize.  The ladies love corn like this!

Chickens and Mash

I was reading up a little on chickens and saw something about making a mash for your chickens.  I decided to give it a try.

Oatmeal, dried cranberries, and garlic mixed with warm water.

I made this about two weeks ago and brought it out.

Shortwing, Bonecrusher, and Diva enjoying their mash.

They LOVE it!!! So I whip up a batch every morning and they meet me at the door with their cute little “coos”.

Coop Excitement!

My husband finished the new chicken coop and run!!!

The new run attached to the new coop.

They are ready for their morning treats!

Entrance to the new coop.

Diva, Shortwing and Bone Crusher enjoying their new digs!


Our chickens are doing so well!  The have grown by leaps and bounds since last June when we brought them home as teeny tiny little chicks.

Short Wing.

Short Wing.

I know I’m not supposed to have favorites, but this one, Short Wing, is my favorite.  She’s really smart – she can get out of any enclosure and figured out how to follow the cat into the house through the cat door.  Imagine our surprise when we heard a fuss in the living room and there was our chicken chasing our cat around the room!!



This hen lays the biggest eggs with the brightest colored egg yolks.

Bonecrusher is the spotted one.

Bonecrusher is the spotted one.

The spotted one lays the brown eggs – and she is the biggest hen.

Whew!  Look at all these eggs!

Whew! Look at all these eggs!

We get three eggs a day and sometimes we don’t eat them quick enough.  Looks like it’s time for some baking!